Home Discussion Forum How long does it take to see the benefits of meditation?

How long does it take to see the benefits of meditation?

How long does it take to see the benefits of meditation? I’ve been meditating for 20 minutes, twice a day, for about a month. I still can’t see any positive internal changes. Would living in a abusive/negative environment prevent these changes from occurring? When I meditate I’m usually calm and peaceful, but I don’t feel that way during the day. Please provide some insight. Thank you.


  1. You should notice the difference within a day or two. Check you are meditating correctly. If you live in a very abusive/negative environment you will need to use other tools too. Look up positivity in google or yahoo.

  2. Mediation is just to calm your heart if your stressful, according to “Buddhism” if you meditate alot is can change your karma.
    . lol

  3. you are getting there.
    the meditation is working.
    now you must go to the next step and be able to meditate when you are not calm and peaceful.
    Eventually you will be able to drop into a meditative state on que.
    yes, being in a negative and abusive environment makes it harder to maintain the calm and peaceful state. I would suggest getting out of the environment more than doing more meditation.

  4. Do not long for benefits, because longing is one of the most powerful obstacles on the way of the meditation.
    Longing for anything is nothing but a form of desire which changes meditation into concentration.
    Calm and peace are the beneficial byproducts of meditation, which you said you experience while meditating, I think it is sufficient in the beginning.

  5. It is very good you have committed to a daily practice. Now, a little patience is needed. The river of your body-mind-Being is muddy, from years of neglect. It may take a little time for the mud to settle, so that the clear, fresh water is known and tasted.
    If you are living in an abusive/negative environment now, this will add a bit of challenge to things. As you move through this environment, notice how you respond to each event. Over time, you may find more options available to you than you currently see.
    If you are talking about a past environment, we all have our histories to deal with. Continue meditating, and all will be revealed and healed in due course.


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