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How long does it take to do a spell or magic ritual in wicca or other religions that do them?

Can you just make one up and do it and have it work? I’ve always wondered about them.
I’m trying to understand real magic as much as I can. I promise I don’t think it’s like on “charmed”.


  1. Well that really depends on what you consider to be magic and/or a spell. Most are just blessings and giving thanks to the Earth. Not really much more. There are no instant rewards in magic. Nor is it used to control anyone. Thinking so is really just a Hollywood fabrication.

  2. You need to spend time before the spell or ritual deciding what you want to have on the altar, the time of day, what to wear, candles, herbs, etc, and writing the spell or ritual. The actual spell or ritual itself can last as long as it needs to, depending on how many people are involved, and what is being honored or asked for. The spells I’ve done have lasted as long as half an hour or so, to as short as 10 or 15 minutes. Rituals with a group may be a little longer. Still, it depends on the person/people, and the purpose.

  3. Spells actually tend to work better if you make them up yourself. There are basic guidelines to follow, but the elements that you relate to best can be incorporated, which tends to increase the chances of success.
    As for time–well, there are invocations which take only seconds, and other spells which can take a couple of hours to prepare. Some rituals have greater strength if they are performed over a matter of days (just a few minutes each day after the first, but the effect is cumulative.)

  4. Any spell or magical ritual has nothing to do with ANY religion, specifically. It does not matter what your religion is or whether you are an atheist. Wicca is a RELIGION – not about spells.
    That being said, some rituals are extremely complicated and can take *days* to bring all of the elements together, especially if you are going the full Ceremonial Magic route. Others can be really off the cuff – it depends on what ritual for which purpose.
    Most practitioners will tell you that the most effective spells are the ones that you create yourself.
    This is all theoretical for me from speaking to other practitioners because I am a Wiccan that *doesn’t* cast spells.


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