How long does it take to become good in Yoga?

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I just started yoga 3 days ago and I realize I am not very flexible and my arms are still not strong enough to support some positions that require all the weight of the body to go in the arms…I was wondering if with time it will improve and my body will become more flexible and therefore be able to do some of the hardest positions? How long does it take approximately if I practice every day for two hours….For how long should one practice in a day?

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john tucker

i took almost 2 years


I think within one month you will see a significant different. You will be much stronger and more flexible. You will feel strength in your muscles as you poise. Be sure to rest though at least 2-3 times a week if u are new at exercizing. Your body will need the rest, especailly at 2 hours a day.


i took half a year to master most of the positions, and i am still practising every 2 days. It depends on how fast you are learning.


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