Home Discussion Forum How long does it take to become good at yoga or pilates?

How long does it take to become good at yoga or pilates?

I am thinking of starting a class and want to go 2 times per week (along with 2 cardio vascular sessions).
I am 26 years old and have recently lost 6 stone and now I want to tone up. Thing is I hate it at the start of stuff when I am shite at it. How long will it take until I don’t look like a total beginner and can do it proficiently in my own home?


  1. PILATES ! 🙂
    I started that about 2 years ago on a workout video and couldn’t finish a 10-minute segment without cheating. This past summer I did 20 minutes every day. Now I can do the whole 50-minute video with no rest, and no cheating! The key is consistency. Just stick to it and it’ll pay off.

  2. You may pick up some movements quicker than others, the best thing about yoga and pilates, is once you’ve done just one or two classes you can practice at home too, even just for 5 mins here and there. Also it teaches good posture etc which you will find yourself using all the time and this is strengthening your core, and toning you, without you realising.
    Most importantly, don’t push yourself, so what your body is able,relaxx and enjoy it…

  3. The thing about yoga is that you are always getting better. There will be some postures that you are really good at and others where you fall over, can’t reach, etc., but even once you can do them all, you will find new depths to reach. A very simple example – say you want to bend over and touch your toes, and you can’t reach your fingers to the floor. Once you can, you’ll want to lay your fingers flat on the floor. Once you can, you’ll want to press your palms flat on the floor. Then you’ll want palms flat with elbows bent. See what I mean? Pretty much all of the postures are like that – there is ALWAYS a way to do more, better, deeper.
    However, if you work hard at it and concentrate, you will start to see differences in your body (both ability and what your body physically looks like) within a couple weeks. You can see dramatic improvement in a couple months.
    Remember that the more you practice on doing things the RIGHT way (using the other example – like, bending your knees to touch the floor so you aren’t stretching through your back), the faster you will improve!
    Good luck and have fun, and congratulations on your recent weight loss!


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