How long does it take for the subconscious mind to accept an affirmation?

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What’s the best to reprogram your subconscious mind?..through listening to a tape/cd with recorded affirmations or saying them out loud?

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Mr T

sorry buddy but the human mind just doesnt work like that. the best way to memorize something is to actually understand it.

The Geek

wow.. sounds like sublimal messages lol


Depends on what the affirmation is, what the base personality of the person is (how compatible the two are) and the addition of any other mitigating factors that would affect acceptance of same.
As for the delivery method, also person based. Someone who is very receptive in an unconscious state would respond very well to tapes played while sleeping. However, Someone who is very close-minded would probably short circuit any end-around and thus require open and conscious affirmations in order to reap the full benefits.
Context dependent is what its called. General rule of thumb is: the more conflicting the affirmation is to the base personality, the longer and more difficult it will be for it to accept the affirmation (basically talking about brain washing.) A midget listening to self-affirmation tapes in the hopes of making it to the N.B.A. is going to be doing a lot of sleeping, unecessarily, unless they want a job as mascot or maybe something executive related.

wild-man of Borneo

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What do you think?


Each person is different, and there are no fixed answers as to what or how long..
For example we can repeat three times to ourselves out loud before going to bed, while picturing the clockface in our mind, what time the next morning we wish to wake up, and often that is what will happen.
If you havent already seen it, Louise L Hay*s book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE is a powerful advocate of affirmations, with her life story demonstating beautifully the reality of them, in her case specifically focusing on illness..It has changed many lives incl mine..
Currently, we are all changing our level of consciousness, becoming more sensitive (moving from 3D to 5D which is why time is seeming speed by ever faster) so we are able to react to suggested change even quicker than previously, for we actually create by how we think and believe, and by what we intend, as you probably already realize…
Just keep on keeping on with your affirmations, as long as their messages are along the same lines, and you will reach your destination…

NightWalker 8P

You can view yourself as two beings.
You cant controll your subconscious mind, but.. you can suggest things to it. Now your subconscious mind is not dumb. But it is likely to accept things faster when it see’s them physically. (like when u have a dream u believe it is really happening)
Now your conscious seems to constantly send messages to your subconsiousnesss, so it is used to ignoring most of the messages you send.
But if you for example get in a scary situation. it will remember it, and next time when you get in a similiar situation, it will trigger a fight or flee reaction. (that is why you get nervous and your heart starts beating faster)
Now it is said that if you sleep and suggest things to your subconsiousness it is more likely to accept it. ( like hypnosise, you talk directly to the subconsious)


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