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How long does it take for the Pituitary gland to recover from Chronic Marijuana use?

I smoked Marijuana for over 10 years and have had hypothyroid issues, especially my (TSH) levels. I quit 2 months ago and do not plan to use ever again. Im wondering if my Pituitary gland function will return to normal, or is the damage done for good. Im in health care but have no real good resources for this question, so I thought I would take a chance here.


  1. Ermm if the marijuana smoking actually killed cells in your p.gland, normal function most likely will not return, since brain cells do not regenerate.
    if the levels or the hormones are only offbalance because of it, give it couple months.
    sorry i can’t be of more help =(

  2. It depends ..on the severity of the damage of your pit.gland..The duration of Marijuana usage proves to be longer period enough to tell that brain cells deteriorates its function…
    Well, what’s most important …you now learned how much things you’ve missing if you continue to live with this marijuana….


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