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How long does it take a farmer to make a crop circle since UFO's dont exist?


  1. About a night for the really intricate ones. However I’ve seen that the more simplistic ones are the hardest to explain. Not saying they’re aliens, but just saying they’re harder to explain.

  2. 2 1/2 hours by himself, if he has help, subtract an hour, this is of course, an estimate, it really depends on the size of the design and the kind of crop.

  3. UFO is just an aeronautical term, Unidentified Flying Object. It is used as a designation for any unrecognised airborne object.
    There are many, many UFO’s. Of course- most of them eventually becaome IFO’s!
    I think you mean that you think alien spacecraft don’t exist (Be specific in future)
    You may be right but hey, the universe is a big place!

  4. I personally don’t believe all crop circles were made by hoax.Way back in ancient history we find them.And its a guaranteed bet they were not made the way we do it today.But at the same time it had to be something that was awesome or they never would of survived as a part of the culture.All can be done in one night,or just a few hours.


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