Home Discussion Forum How long does healing last after reike session?

How long does healing last after reike session?

I recentley had a form of healing similar to reike called rahanni.I would like an expert or practitioner to tell me how long after treatment do the benefits still keep working as I am feeling slowly calmer every day and thinking clearer. How long will the healing continue and can I expect to feel better a little bit more every day?


  1. i’m not a practitioner, but i’ve had reike done to me many times.
    generally, the effects wear off in time. you feel it strongly at first, and then you go back to normal gradually.
    it’s a good idea to keep up with the treatments.

  2. It depends on several factors. If the condition has persisted for a long time or is severe, it can take longer to overcome. If you make changes in your environment and lifestyle that support the healing. if you continue bad habits or remain stuck in a difficult environment that can hinder your healing.
    For a simple problem, often one treatment is enough. for something more complex, I find most often that clients find short term relief within the first couple fo visits and the healing tends to go deeper and last longer with subsequent treatments.
    It is best to come once or twice while in an acute phase or while beginning concerted treatment on a chronic condition. When you find that the relief has lasted through to your next appointment, that is a good time to scale back and begin taking treatment less frequently, if you want to cut back.
    Some people just enjoy receiving Reiki for relaxation and there is no need to cut back but if you are working with a specific condition with the intention of no longer needing treatments, this would be the process. Just listen to yourself and you will know when to go more often and when to go less.
    There are some skeptics on here who have never tried Reiki and have not done any objective research. They will write discouraging and negative things, but Reiki is a wonderful thing and has saved my life.
    It took me 6 months of weekly treatment from another practitioner in addition to daily self healing to wean myself off of medications that I previously needed to keep me alive. I have been off of medication and have not had to visit the emergency room for several years now after many years of chronic illness.

  3. Am I right in thinking that Raiki summons spirits to heal you? Is this one of those “treatments” where you have to believe in it or it won’t work? so if i don’t believe then it won’t work on me?
    Seems like if you had a virus you’d be better off taking the drugs. what if your Raiki treatment was doing really well then you had a moment of doubt. would the magic stop working? the drugs don’t care how you feel plus if you give money to ‘big pharma’ by buying drugs then they’ll have more money to spend on developing new drugs… that’s a good thing.


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