How long do you think it will be until the Middle East and Islam will go through an enlightenment?

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It was about 250-300 years ago since Christianity and western Europe went through an Enlightenment. How long do you think it will be until the Middle East does?
I really like what a lot of the Saudi Arabia youth are trying to do to progress their religion by getting women equal rights along with other things. Some western Imams are also doing a good job by spreading a more liberal interpretation of the Qur’an.

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Way too long

The (1Cor.15:1-4) Ambassador

What’s “a more liberal interpretation” of the Qur’an? It goes from “kill the unbelievers” to…”just take the unbelievers lunch money, and spank them?”

Almost Human

When the planet is wiped out by a solar eruption. That’s enlightening, right?

Herbert Lom

Historically Islam was an impetus to the European enlightenment. They beat you to it by several centuries. The European enlightenment has nothing to do with women’s rights “along with others things ” as you imply. I suggest you get a basic grounding in history

Yireaszfv Egrfefg



Islam already went through the enlightenment more than 1300 years ago =) we’ve just gone downhill with the fall of Al-Andluse “Andalusia”
at the age you called the dark ages, when Europe was killing thinkers, and those thinkers and scholars would seek refuge in Andalusia so they can study in peace in her Great Libraries and without fear
Peace and don’t Forget to Check the Links in the Source, it like a magical world in there

Kashif S

Its not “kill the nonbelievers”. All those snippets of the Qur’an you hear are completely out of context. Those “seize them and kill them” lines are talking about during a DEFENSE war. if you want to know more check out the UNBIASED source.


Maybe when the US and her allies stop waging wars there and leave them alone. Maybe? And you forget that Islam went through its ‘enlightenment’ when Christianity was steeped in its Dark Ages.


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