Home Discussion Forum How long do you have to go to school to study parapsychology?

How long do you have to go to school to study parapsychology?

I am intrested in paranormal investigating. I know that there is a legitimate science of parapsychology but most people I heard study psychic ability.
How long does it take to do this?


  1. I bet you could mail order something like this, with no studies. Maybe intern under someone famous or something.

  2. I’m sorry; you’ve been misinformed. There is not, in fact, a legitimate science of parapsychology, and you cannot get a degree in that subject.
    Real science does not recognize parapsychology because it has not yet produced observable and replicatable results that all scientists can agree on. There is no scientifically acceptable evidence that paranormal events actually occur or that the propositions of parapsychology are valid.
    Most people who have been known for the study of the paranormal have been psychologists who investigated the stories of the paranormal to see if there was any validity to them. So far, the findings have been negative. There is no real indication that these things exist.
    The most famous example was Dr. JB Rhyne, who established a well known institute for the study of paranormal phenomena at Duke University in North Carolina in the 1960s. A member of my family was an employee of his and secured a PhD in psychology by studying the human behavior implications of historical claims of paranormal events.
    They all ended up giving the whole thing up, and admitting that it was all bogus. It should be mentioned that Rhyne was independently wealthy and paid for his own research expenses.
    And that is the only way to study the paranormal. Nobody in their right mind would give money for such studies.
    It’s an interesting curiosity, but it’s not science. Sorry.

    • I’m afraid that you’re misinformed. The Rhine studies were not all thrown up to be “bogus”, as you say it. They were actually all quite scientifically sound. Replications have been achieved, the problem is that replication isn’t as easy and consistent to achieve as more well known phenomena.
      It is a science, sorry.

  3. Sorry, it’s not a legitimate Science.In fact calling it that will anger real scientists.I’m not one by the way,and it even bothers me.I’m not trying to be mean.That’s just the simple truth.Ask the question all you want, it will not change.

  4. The Parapsychological Association
    http://www.parapsych.org has been an affiliate of the
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    http://www.aaas.org since 1969. So, the the largest, and perhaps most prestigious, science organization in the US officially recognizes parapsychology as a science.
    The PA web site lists the educational backgrounds of their members (most hold PhD.’s or other doctoral level degrees). Most people engaged in parapsychological research have degrees in traditional sciences and suggest this path to interested people. Traditional sciences include
    physics, biology, chemistry, etc. or one of the social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology) it depends on what approach you wish to take to studying unusual phenomena.
    The time depends on what area of science you choose but I suspect the least amount of time would be 8 years and probably as long as 12 years.
    4 years for an undergraduate degree
    2 years (at least) for a masters degree
    2 years (at least) for a PhD
    If you wish to get some exposure to parapsychology you might consider the six week summer training seminar offered by the Rhine Research Center http://www.rhine.org
    Michael John Weaver, M.S.

  5. You have to meditate three times daily until you are able to astrally project a beam of pure psychical energy. It took me about 5 months. But I heard some people try for years without success. Just keep trying. You’ll do it some day.

  6. Who do you all think does the tedious studies and control tests that give you the terminology you throw around every post.
    They are the scientists who study what is precognition, remote viewing, near death experience, etc, to seriously find out if there is some logical explanation.
    The people you are wanting to make fun of are the ghost hunters and psychics not the parapsychologist.
    What you are going by is the frauds on Television who claim to be parapsychologists but are just your average ghost hunter dudes.
    Look it up.

  7. It would probably be best to do a degree in psychology. Many psychologists are interested in why some people believe weird things for which there is no evidence (seriously).

  8. I cannot imagine a better answer than that given by aviophage. Bravo.
    In regards to parapsychology supposedly being a legitimate science, here is the AAAS story that psiexploration will never tell you.
    Regarding the Parapsychological Association, its affiliation with AAAS has been controversial from the start and still is. The PA was accepted as an affiliate in 1969 due to pressure put on AAAS by one highly influential person, AAAS president and anthropologist Margaret Mead, who happened to be a big believer in psychic powers. Without her, PA never would have stood a chance at affiliation. Also, this was back in the day when Uri Geller hadn’t been exposed yet and there was some hope that parapsychology might pan out. So with Mead’s unwavering support and despite two rejections, the third plea was successful and the PA was finally accepted as a research group under protest from many other affiliates and members. Today, the PA is still a member but only because the AAAS hasn’t taken action yet on all the calls for the PA to be removed from affiliation. PA is effectively “grandfathered in” and it will take much more effort to remove it from affiliation then it did to add it, despite the fact that PA has failed to provide any credible scientific evidence for paranormal abilities to date. See physicist John Wheeler’s letter to the AAAS in the link below for an idea of how others perceived the PA affiliation with AAAS.

    • “despite the fact that PA has failed to provide any credible scientific evidence for paranormal abilities to date”
      Incorrect, sufficient evidence has been provided. Do your research better (that means not believing everything written in wikipedia articles)

  9. i wonder why four years is all it takes to underswtand everythign about something like that,.
    why is our life so long then


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