Home Discussion Forum how long can a person live with a swollen pituitary gland?

how long can a person live with a swollen pituitary gland?

the gland is in the head . How long can they live a normal life with it swollen in the head?


  1. The pituitary is the master gland. It controls everything. Often, a radiologist will read the film and say the pituitary is swollen because the size is outside the limits for the age of the patient. What it means in real life is that there is probably a tumor but it is not seen well on the films, probably because of several reasons – one being that the scan was not done correctly (with and without contrast, dynamic technique) the other being that this tumors can be tiny and fall between the 3mm slices so it can just show up as being enlarged.
    If the person had a scan, likely they had symptoms. They should still be checked out by a doctor and a good one will know that there is something there and likely a surgeon may still pick out a lesion better than a radiologist.
    It is not a question of how long a person can live as there are some tumors that are not as destructive to the body such as a prolactinoma (however, I had one of those and I can tell you, it was NOT fun) and others that are very destructive that can cause symptoms up to and including death – including ADH, Cushing’s and acromegaly (I had a Cushing’s tumor too – it was horrid!) but usually unless left untreated for years, this will not happen on an imminent basis unless there are other health issues.
    Get to a doctor, get tested to find out what kind is there and get it treated. Find a neuro-endo and a neuro-opthomoligist and get copies of everything and learn.


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