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How long before Libs and elites create their own religion?

In times of crisis (like what’s coming in our future) most people tend to find some security in all things spiritual. It’s a common desire and a central tenet of humanity. Since libs will refuse to associate with Christianity due to politics, I’m seeing a future where they create their own set of moral codes and a universal “golden rule”. There will be no God to chastise you, only a set of beliefs that let you live your life without guilt of wrongdoing. In the libs religion, you will do as you please and it’s fine as long as you let others do the same. Live and let live will be their moral code since they cannot have right or wrong. There will be no black and white, only varying shades of grey.
Before you call me a loon, at least thoughtfully consider what I’m saying. Mankind has been drawn to religion since our earliest recorded history 6000 years ago. Every major society has had some deity. I beleive that libs will create a “religion” void of celestial beings that looks to other men as their savior. A man like this could create his own version of good and evil and try to unify all the major faiths to rid our planet of war over religious causes once and for all.
Google has already started on the road to a single world religion:


  1. Given their predilictions for gay sex and marriage they could call it the
    Church of the Butt Worship. Scott White would be its first member.

  2. They already have and The Messiah, Dear Leader, Chairman Mao Bama is their god. They will all soon find out that he is just a false prophet and puts his pants on like the rest of us.

  3. I’m religious, I’m faithful, and I’m a liberal.
    Just because I do not wish to impose MY values and MY faith in the broader population, doesn’t mean we’re creating a societal “void” of ethics.

  4. They allready have!
    silly- Global Warming-church of environmentalism lead by the high priest Al Gore
    serious – Scientology – is another good example
    theres a few others…
    but i see what your asking too… but then again, the extreme liberals tends to shun any sort of organized religion. NOT ALL mind you before i get flamed, i mean the extremists.
    You can put MONEY on teh fact that i bet theres almost 0 conservitive aethists

  5. Your ‘question’ isn’t based on any truth or reality whatsoever. It presumes a lot, and knows nothing. Just as I would expect from a holier than thou right winger. It’s the hypocritical, self righteous attitude of people like you that keep REAL Christians away from the church.

  6. As a card-carrying liberal, I don’t refuse to associate with Christianity due to politics. Rather, it’s simply not the religion for me. I suspect many liberals are in fact Christians or members of other well-known religions.
    But being the somewhat “godless” creature that I am, I would like to point out that even I don’t see the world entirely in shades of gray. There are absolutes in my world – many of which are probably shared by Christians and other faiths.

  7. answer- you are a loon
    man, for the most part is a scared creature,and need religion to explain the un explainable and provide hope.there are many religions.who is to say yours is better than another.

  8. they have it is called manmade global warming…
    if you don’t believe it is a religion talk to em about it. they start out polite enough like most religious zealots.. but when you fail to see the light they resort to insults yelling and then ostracism as a method to make you kowtow to them…
    that isn’t science.. it is religion.

  9. “Since libs will refuse to associate with Christianity due to politics,”
    I havn’t seen many politicians doing this, what are you watching? They believe there should be a seperation of Church and State like our founding fathers….

  10. Well I think people can do what they want. If people want to form a group to do something positive and peaceful hopefully it works out for them. If God gets mad let him, he is the judge not me.

  11. Well, they got their new Messiah Obama who will make everyone equal, there will be no wrong and no right, just what feels good to you. It’s called moral relativism, and it sucks! Obama is the cult leader down the road to One world,one religion. You are correct!

  12. Whoever thinks liberals aren’t Christians should look at the recent overturn of gay marriage in California. It’s the most liberal state but they did that.
    Republicans really need to realize that judging is God’s job and start practicing what they preach.


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