How is this for a Character List?

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I’m writing a story called ‘Dragonblood’, this is the list of characters, what do you think?
Main Characters
Crystalgaze Rose — layered brown hair with red and gold flecks down to her waist, and sparkling crystal blue eyes; half dragon
Princess Starchaser — purple body with blue at the edge of each scale with black flecks, royal blue wings with black flecks and purple lining the wings, and shiny black eyes; sister to Moongaze, Crown Dragon Princess of Dragonhollow
Evelyn Draco (a.k.a. Starchaser) — royal blue hair down to the middle of her back, and enchanting crystal blue eyes; sister to Jacob
Prince Moongaze — white, silver, pale blue, and light gray scales and wings, and glowing golden eyes; older brother to Starchaser, Prince of Dragonhollow
Jacob Draco (a.k.a. Moongaze) — white/silver hair, and glowing golden eyes; older brother to Evelyn
Silvia Hart — Pale blonde hair just past her waist, gleaming sky-blue eyes; twin to Trevor, Crown Elf Princess
Trevor Hart — Pale blonde hair, shining sky-blue eyes; younger twin to Silvia, Elf Prince (two pictures)
Emeraldclaw — leaf, sea, jade, and emerald green scales and wings, and emerald green eyes
Luke Draco (a.k.a. Emeraldclaw) — Moongaze, Starchaser, and Prismheat’s cousin; leaf green hair, and light amber eyes
Fluffy — male miniature poodle, white; very temperamental and mean; Crystal and Fluffy hate each other (no picture)
Moonfur (a.k.a. Fluffy) — creamy white with yellow eyes, magic wolf; Crystal’s ‘Protector’
Princess Prismheart — Moongaze and Starchaser’s younger sister; has a white/silver/icy blue scales, rainbow wings, and sky-blue eyes
Uncle Shadowheart — evil uncle of Moongaze, Starchaser, and Prismheart; father to Emeraldclaw (Luke), completely black, dark amber eyes
Queen Crystalgaze — mother to Moongaze, Starchaser, and Prismheart; queen of ‘Dragonhollow’ (last safe place for dragons); blue body with silver at the edge of each scale with white dapples, and crystal blue eyes
King Sunfall — father to Moongaze, Starchaser, and Prismheart; king of ‘Dragonhollow’ (last safe place for dragons); orange body with gold at the edge of each scale with white dapples, and gold eyes
Midnight — leads warriors into battle; royal blue, purple, indigo scales, and pale blue eyes
Nyra — friend of Sunrise and Twilight; leader of Moongaze’s fan club; Warrior of Dragonhollow; pale purple and indigo scales, and black eyes
Sunrise — friend of Nyra and Twilight; part of Moongaze’s fan club; Tracker of Dragonhollow; orange mixed with gold scales, black markings, and gold eyes
Twilight — friend of Nyra and Sunrise; part of Moongaze’s fan club; Magic Weaver of Dragonhollow; royal blue scales, and royal blue eyes
Crystal — long, lightweight silver sword, hilt decorated with sapphires; a white bow etched with silver roses, four dozen silver arrows; and a small silver and sapphire knife
Starchaser — claws, teeth, and tail
Evelyn — black and blue sword decorated with blue topaz and onyx, two long purple and black knives decorated with amethyst and onyx
Moongaze — claws, teeth, and tail
Jacob (goes by Jake) — twin slightly curved white swords decorated with pearls and diamonds, and a pale blue and light gray dagger decorated with gray pearls
Silvia — transparent light blue sword with a silvery handle
Trevor — magic flute, and a silvery wand
Emeraldclaw — claws, teeth, and tail
Luke — long pale green sword decorated with emeralds, small jade knife

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Lexy Katherine

It’s an awesome character list.
The character’s descriptions seem pretty interesting and make me wanna read the book.
Just from reading this I can tell you book seems amazing and like something that would sale- ONLY if you put effort into it.
Hope this was the kind of answer you were looking for!:)


I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that you are under 13 years old. No one is ever going to keep track of all those flowery names and long-winded descriptions of “sea, emerald, jade, and ‘leaf’ green scales” and “royal blue hair down to her waist.” Personality is a hundred times more important than what your characters look like.

Steven J Pemberton

Whatever… now tell an interesting story with those characters. I couldn’t tell you what most of my characters look like, but I could tell you what they’d do in any situation. That’s more important than their names and what colour scales they have.


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