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How is the Third Eye Opened?

I belive in a certain Philosphy…The Third Eye, I need to open it. For my Meditations, And studies…I wish for no talk of “Do not open it”…I do not wish people to say “Opening it will lead to hell!”…That is frankly, annoying.
How would it be opened, for a…Beginner? How is the Third eye (And only the Third Eye, nothing else) Opened? Links to websites, forums ect. That will tell me how, will be accepted. Or telling me here.
If it takes weeks, I shall accept that…Months, still…I will accept…The Third eye is in more philosphies than chackras, but I am willingly to do the Chakra way to open it, as long as I do not open anything else…I ask for help, I truly do.
Thank You.


  1. To open the Third Eye is to go within
    To be everywhere and nowhere
    be everything and nothing
    to become one with the Universe
    and be the unique individual that you are
    but know you are a part of everyone
    You will know when your Third Eye is open


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