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How is the Ouija board evil? Tarot? Saints?

I don’t understand. Aren’t tarot cards calling spirits too? But they don’t bring evil right? What’s the difference? Is it because you are summoning someone in particular with a Ouija?

I’m a Christian. Is it wrong that I use cards?

Also, why is it ok in Catholism to worship Saints?


  • Ouija board opens the door to all kinds of spirits including evil ones who may mean harm. I don’t use tarot cards often because I am to energy sensitive and it effects me greatly.

  • The saints are the true believers of Christ, the church of Christ. Christians are to worship only God. Read the account in Samuel 2, I believe it is, of what happened to king Saul when he went to see a witch. As Christians we are forbidden to seek seers, divinators, witches, anything that has to do with spirits, because we have to seek God for all our questions. Also to stay away from instruments used for such purposes because they may be contaminated with evil spirits; it also includes to watch yourself around people like that. Remember when Paul confronted the girl that kept saying to the people to listen to these men, that they come from God, Paul commanded the evil spirit to come out of her? she was trying to get credit for all the miracles God was making through Paul and his copanion. After this the town leaders told Paul and his companion to leave because they had caused one of their merchants to lose money because the girl could make no more predictions. Evil spirits can get you in a lot of trouble, especially because you are a Christian. Hope this helps, God bless you.

  • I am Catholic and we don’t “worship” sanints but we do pray to them for help or protection, and I don’t think it is wrong for a Christian to use the cards unless they start to really believe and get into the craft. That is where the church has a probelm they beleive that it is along with witch craft and Satanism. But the Ouija is a somewhat gateway to the plane of the dead and if not used properly can leave open gateways to stuff that we may not know of or that aren’t ready for.

  • The fact you are asking the question about whether it is wrong or not seems to hint that you are wondering maybe because you feel something is not quite right about it or maybe even feel guilty. Would your church be okay with this? Would your parents? You pastors? Other Christian friends? What is it about the cards that makes you use them? Sometimes even if something feels right it may not be. The best source to look is at the Bible and based on many of the other comments it seems that this entertains a lot of thoughts and possible evils which can lead you astray from God. The most important thing to do His will and even though it sometimes isn’t fun to stay on the safe side of things – it’s still safe. We are dealing with your soul and heaven and hell – don’t let it be that close a call.

  • Saints – Catholics do not worship saints. They venerate them. There’s a difference. You can venerate your mother, for instance, but you don’t worship her.

    Magik – Ouija and Tarot and other forms of Magik are considered a kind of idolatry in Christianity. Basically Magik and divination are based on prayers to spirits other than God, thus the connection in Christian belief.

    Catholic Christians, in particular, fear that Magik more often than not brings forth diabolical powers into the lives of people and so priests warn people off from practicing it for fear of demonic oppression and possible possession, as well as the loss of Grace by God through sin, which is the most serious consequence.

  • it’s not wrong
    just mae sure you make a sacred circle
    that way no evil spirts can come
    and ur channeling will be able to close only when YOU want to close it

  • The Ouija board is not evil. It has no power until used. However if a person uses it it is possible to bring forth UNWANTED EVIL spirits that try and trick the user. So be careful.Tarots cards also have now power until they are used and they work off the energy of the user, which is why no other person is allowed to touch them but the user. They are to grow together in order the user to become more in tune with their Psyche.

    Although it is opposed by many religions to intermix Pagan beliefs with Christian beliefs it really all depends on your beliefs. My family grew up Catholic, but my mom’s family also grew up with other spiritual beliefs. My great grandmother was a Faith Healer. She “healed” with the power of prayer and some may say magic. So I believe that they can intermix.

    Lastly, Catholics DO NOT worship Saints. They pray to them for help and guidance. These people once lived their lives devoted to do God’s work, spread his message and followed in the footsteps of God and were close to Him spiritually. In death, because of their great devotion, were honored with the title and each still perform through him their duties on a spiritual level.

  • in catholosism you don’t worship saints you pray to them and they tell God, or something along those lines
    I’M ONLY 13

  • Simply put-so u don’t have to read a pile of info:

    Tarot Cards= Your own energy-no spirits.

    Ouijaboard= contacting low level entities(ghosts who can drain you and hurt you).

    Mediums= connection to loved ones and spirit guides-safe and helpful.

  • I can tell you’re growing spiritually just by asking these questions. In regards to the Catholism statement, Catholics don’t worship saints, they ask them to interecede to help lift up their prayers, much like when someone asks another person to pray for them. See the link below for more insight…and steer clear of ouija boards for the reasons sighted above plus more! Since you’re a Christian I think you should speak to your spritiual leader about your interest in tarot cards so you can gain more insight on this subject. Most importantly you should research the bible for yourself, only then will you have a complete understanding to these questions. God Bless

  • They aren’t evil. Good vs. Evil is just a construct of the human mind. Ouija boards and tarot cards are toys, and should be taken lightly when used.

  • I’m a Christian and I’m totally into that stuff.
    It really depends on how you use those things. Like guns, those objects are harmless. It’s the people who use them that are dangerous.


  • well tarot cards aren’t evil.
    My best friend has a pack of tarot cards and she never lets me touch them shes says it’ll give the cards some negative energy. So i guess its not evil its just tells you the future
    Christians should be able to use them

  • 1. Ouija boards create a direct link to spirits to come to our plane. Tarot cards do a similar thing, but not as strongly, and as you guessed, not as directly. Below is a link to my information on Ouija boards.

    2. I know many christians who use tarot cards. They do not belong to any one religion – they are just a divitation tool

    3. According to the bible you shall not worship any false god before “me” that is, before God. Idol worship is also not allowed. I am not sure why then, it is OK to have statues of saints in your home, or to worship them. I admit my knowledge there lacks. But it may be that they don’t worship saints so much as respect them and hold them up as a goal to work towards.

  • okay, most christian think that oija boards and tarot cards are the work of the devil or sumfin cos the bible says people shouldnt do witchcraft, divination or nything else.

    but dont worry it’s a tonne of rubbish. tarot cards work, although ill probably get loads of thumbs down for saying so.

    Ouija boards can be dangerous though. You could end up being followed by an evil spirit, it happened to someone I know nd ever since iv never even looked at them.

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