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How is the mind and consciousness explained from your religious or spiritual beliefs?


  1. Scientists are finding that consciousness and expectation alone have the power to affect matter, and that minds are joined via the one energy beyond the limits of time and space.

  2. You are an Invisible Spirit (look just like your Body) and you have in your Spiritman—YOU, First Mind, you!!!
    Inside your Spiritman you have an Invisible SuperComputer that contains your Second Mind, Will and Emotions.
    This is called your “Soul”.
    So there is YOU (you know who you are! 🙂 and then your Soul (an almost AI (artifical intelligence) SuperComputer)
    The Bible Says:
    The Word of GOD is Sharper than a Two-Edged Sword able to Seperate the Soul (second mind) and the Spirit (you, first mind).
    The world calls them the Concious and the Sub-Concious.
    It is really YOU and then your SOUL.

  3. The mind is one of God’s attributes granted to man with the purpose to develop his Intellect. That’s the part of a person’s brain responsible for thoughts and intelligent feelings which was not granted to the irrational animal.
    Consciousness is the awareness of life that remains available to the mind, in opposite to the subconscious that is filed away and pops up only as it is triggered by lapses of memory.


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