How is the design of a sigil determined to mean what it does?

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How were the design of the sigils in magick determined by the people who first wrote them? Is it a geometrical thing based in the numerology of the name? Could you please give me an example as well or some type of link to such?

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BrokenEye Evoluted

Whoever designed and/or commissioned them decided what they meant. Same with letters, logos, crests, or any other type of symbol used to represent something. Its not really that complicated a concept.

Scarlet MacBlu

The way I heard sigils could be designed was by taking all the letters of a word (or all the first initials of a sentance) and superimposing them over each other, then erasing the duplicate lines.
I’ve never seen this in action, so I can’t say, and I’ve seen sigils that don’t look anything like they come from modern lettering methods. I’m sure there are other systems.

Abomination of Desolation

That depends mostly on the symbols. They are formed in multiple ways- for example the Sigilium Dei Aemeth is mostly the result of number squares- the square is made of specific words, and then that is read in a few ways to determine several names. Some of the points of the sigil are a cipher, too.
Other symbols are made to represent an object, others are formed by drawing letters over each other.
Perhaps the most known method is the Rose-type one, where one draws a 22 petalled rose, puts a Hebrew letter in each petal, and then draws a line connecting them, until certain points, etc.
That is much of the difficulty in occultism- learning how each important symbol was made, and for what. Of course, different schools will teach different lessons.
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