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How is that people with psychic powers can see the future? Does that mean everything is pre decided in nature?


  1. I like the air crash explanation. For 1 out of 5 flights there is some psychic saying there is going to be a crash. as long as the crash doesnt happen nobody listens. Once the crash has happened the media goes all into that one psychic.
    For short, i think its all coinsidence :/

  2. The idea of precognitive people has been around for a ridiculous amount of time, but it does not mean that the future is predestined. If you want to look at it in a deterministic view, then actions are only reactions to events in the past. Nothing is ever random, and therefore, we are only bound by what happened in the past. To a point, it seems like predestination, but it is all based on the first event that put everything into motion, which was random, thus making it not based on destiny. Likewise, if you want to focus on the more excepted idea of free will, then psychics are only guessing what will happen based on the choices they think people will make. To that point, psychics are only guessing based on loose facts(which would explain why they are quite often wrong) and again destiny does not exist. Then again, I suppose I am only writing this because I was destined to…

  3. No I don’t believe that everything is pre decided but there are people receptive enough to see things happen before they do and I believe that these people have a gift;are there to help and warn people;guide them in making the right choices.
    Sometimes its just a matter of seeing things from a different perspective that brings out the right answers to future events.
    I believe we all have a little esp; and sometimes ,meditating and soulful thinking enables us to vision not only for ourselves but others we spiritually connect with. However nature is part of fate and fate cannot be controlled; the monotony cycle of nature is obviously decided but can easily be interrupted by nature itself;the unbalance created by man and time….

  4. All of the people have these psychic powers that you say. But some people can use it, or they try to use it and they can see the future, …
    I’m not sure that life is pre decided. I just think that some happenings in all the peoples’ life are pre decided and they must face them. Like death.
    Sometimes you must do something. Even if you don’t want to do it. At last you’ll do it, because it’s pre decided, but maybe with interest, maybe with out it.

  5. The question of predetemination seems to be wrapped up in the mystery of time. I don’t believe everything is pre-decided but do know that many people experience precognition in one form or another. I’ve had dreams that appear quite bizarre and really make no sense but weeks or months later I see them play out in exact detail. I’m sure this happens to a lot of people. Most of the psychics that we hear about give vague visions of a future which is entirely open to interpretation. There is a lot of glamour attached to getting well known for predicting future events. If any of us predicted enough things at least one or two would probably come to fruition. So, how it works I know not but do believe it can happen but at the same time I doubt most of what the well known predictors have to say.

  6. i go with wijnha01s’ answer, so many predictions are made, and so many good excuses exist for being wrong, that when someone makes a “correct” prediction, it looks like evidence for precognition.
    do an example, if i say that i am the worlds most dedicated weightlifter, is it true, if we only use the couple of instances in my life when ive lifted weights, but can discount all the other moments i have lived?
    this is not to say that people can not know about the future, but no matter how much you know, or how accuratly you can predict something, there is always the possibility that it might not happen.

  7. I think that psychics are frauds. But I am open minded. If there are any real psychics out there, prove it. My email is mickster775@yahoo.com. Send me something that will prove me wrong. impress me with your ability. Come on, don’t let anything but the lack of psychic power stop you.


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