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How is someone able to consider themselves wiccan?

I mean, is there like some kind of ritual that allows you to tell people that you are a certain religion?
I’ve heard that to be considered a witch or wiccan you have to study the craft for a year and a day. Is that true?
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  1. You can consider yourself Wiccan from the moment you decide to study and follow the Wiccan religion…
    The rule of study for a year and a day is usually part of coven training. The truth is, you never stop studying and learning in this religion – It’s a life long process…

  2. You can begin calling yourself a Wiccan whenever you wish, but there are plenty of people who feel you must do certain things to “earn” the title and will get rather annoyed with you.

  3. The prerequisite is be a middle aged affluent woman, and have a high sex drive, everything else just falls into place, literally.

  4. The neophyte, expressing an interest in becoming a dedicant, is free to use the term Wiccan….why would anyone with MORE experience not be?

  5. if you’re practicing as a solitary, then you decide. some gesture at self-initiation is typical, but it can be as simple as stating your intention to the god and goddess.
    year-and-a-day is a typical period of dedication, and is used for everything from hand fasting to training of initiates within a coven. if you are invited to join a coven, even if you have been a solitary wiccan for many years, you will often have to dedicate to a year and a day of training before they initiate you into the coven. it doesn’t mean you’re not wiccan, it just means you’re not yet a full member of the coven.

  6. There is no standard for considering oneself Wiccan. Commonly eclectics such as yourself mark their formal entrance into Wicca through a dedication ceremony, and I strongly recommend you study for *at least* a year and a day before doing that, simply to give yourself enough time to learn about what the religion actually is and form a bond with your gods before dedicating yourself to both it and them.

  7. One can call themselves a Wiccan once they feel they are ready to take on the responsibility of that title. Once you can answer questions of those who ask clearly and confidently, then you can call yourself a Wiccan. Generally, it is after about a year and a day, but sometimes can take longer

  8. If you are a Solitary Wiccan, you just do a self-dedication ritual, then start reading, studying, and practicing. If you are a Coven Witch, you need to go through an initiation ritual.


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