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How is sleep different from meditation?

Sleep and meditation are both instances where our minds isolate our minds from the surroundings we are in. Is our mind conscious or aware of what is going on when we are meditating. I am a little confused on that.


  1. Sleep and meditation are different, but meditation can be different in itself for everybody. You should experience it sometime.

  2. well when you’re asleep you’re not awake.. just sleeping 😛 when you meditate you are awake, but relaxed
    hope that helped 🙂

  3. We are certainly conscious. In meditating, we are clearing our minds and relaxing our bodies to just fixate ourselves in our breathing, and some people say they ‘find their inner self’ when they are meditating. When we’re sleeping, we are completley unaware of anything, and our bodies use that chance to replenish tissues and several other procedures. Another difference is, when meditating, we are not able to enter a dream state.
    I hope this is useful to you 🙂

  4. Sleep subconsciously sorts out things and gives us dreams. Meditation is a conscious method of going over something over and over until we make it part of our memory.

  5. When you sleep, your whole body rests. Meditation is selfinduced and you can through deep concentration control your thoughts and mind. Meditation can make you relaxed for a better sleep.

  6. Sleep is a physical process involving the entire body, with a host of chemical and biological processes that are unique to the condition. Neural activity is shifted into the more primitive portions of the brain, activating some different networks within the neural net.
    Meditation does some similar chemical dumps and does subtly alter metabolism, however, it does not stimulate activity in the same parts of the brain that sleep does. Awareness isn’t changed to the degree that sleep alters consciousness- since our consciousness is in constant flux during sleep, it’s only possible to share similar levels of awareness during meditation (when compared to sleep) for seconds at a time.

  7. I would disagree that meditation is “isolating our mind from surroundings.”
    I see meditation as the attempt to be aware in the moment, both internally (mind) and externally (surroundings), without indulging our mind’s habitual and seemingly constant practice to describe, analyze, interpret, label, judge, what it experiences.
    In REM sleep, when most dreaming occurs, many experience a small conscious awareness of being in a dream, but otherwise, when asleep, we are completely unaware, and with the exception of those who learn to lucid dream, cannot direct the events in the dream.
    Sleep for the most part is a loss of conscious focus, whereas meditation is sustained, enhanced conscious focus.


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