How is Selenite used in crystal healing, please give me some info!?!?!?!?





Ok, Ive heard and im interested in the uses of Selenite in crystal healing but how is it used and what are other objects needed wo work with selenite. Please give me information!


  1. Selenite can be used to heal the past in this life and others. A great book to get is:
    Love is in the Earth by Melody Earth-Love Publishing House 3440 Youngfield St. Suite 353 Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033

  2. Selenite Gypsum is more commonly called MOONSTONE. It Has a very calming effect on the
    emotions, stimulates the pineal gland, assists in stimulating the feeling (intuitive) nature, eases
    menstrual pain, alleviates many degenerative conditions in the skin, hair, eyes, and body fluids
    (tears, digestive juices).

  3. Selenite
    Energy: Receptive
    Planet: Moon
    Element: Water
    Powers: Reconciliation: Energy
    Magickal Uses:Selenite is a clear, layered mineral, superficially resembling calcite.
    Named for Selene, an ancient Moon Goddess, it is exchanged between lovers for reconciliation.
    The stone is also worn to lend energy to the body.
    Reeceptive Stones are soothing and destressing, and are related to love, wisdom, compassion,eloquence, sleep, dreams, friendship,growth,fertility,spirituality and mysticism.

  4. well i don’t know crystal healing but last year a friend told me that a crystal can get rid of bad memories its really simple all u have to do is close your eyes,do the cross eyes while closing your eyes and think of a bad memory and store it in the crystal it really easy so hope that helps.

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