How is reincarnation possible with population growth?

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I have my doubts

Hahahahaha awesome argument!


eh. according to Hinduism there’s also souls in animals.

Emily C

More people, but other species are declining in population

Chibi - thulhu

death of creatures, i know no real figures and i doubt they exist, but since humanity really started increasing we have done our fair share of killing a hell of a lot of animals


There are very many non-material Beings around without physical bodies. Quite a few operate animal bodies and the most sought after is the human body. There are still many Beings coming here too.

Mustafa Nisu

Because there a trillions of beings who do not currently have a human visa waiting at border control.


Perhaps time is running out. We can;t get our sh*t together. The spirits aren’t being shelved as long because there is not enough time. The Essene Revelation somewhat hints at this.


Not everyone is reincarnated… babies who die and don’t get to experience earth life, and such as those may get to be reborn but people who have completed their life’s mission go on to heaven and remain.
New souls are born, but they don’t all have to be a reincarnation.


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