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how is past life regression done?

i have to do a report for school on past life regression and i have looked up on the internet how it is done but it doesnt really tell me what happens or how its done just what it is so if anyone can help me i would be very greatful.


  1. You take a bowl and hold it under the rear end of a bull.
    And when you collect enough, you have a past life regression.
    The answer above me is correct – it’s about hypnosis and guided imagry – like a dream while you’re awake that’s directed by the hypnotist.
    This technique is also done by the “church” of Scientology to eradicate Thetans from your body (for a small fee).

  2. Usually it’s done with hypnosis, possibly some drugs, depending on the researcher.
    One technique for psychotherapy is regression hypnosis, where the therapist has the person going “into” their memories, and “reliving” the event. it’s just a form of remembering, with the person “projecting” themselves into the memory…
    Past Life Regression is a similar idea, but they “take you back” in memories to the point of birth, then, supposedly, back into a past life. However, there are very few cases where the person couldn’t be making the whole thing up using what they’ve read, as well as just a bit of imagination, not to say the subject is a fraud, but, if the human mind can write a novel, then it isn’t hard for the subconscious to supply what is being looked for…

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