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How is Paganism and the Occult 'of Satan'? Do you realize Christianity came from both?

What do you think prayer is in the bible? It is magick. The bible is easily a book of Occult myth. And there is nothing wrong with that!!! We can all live in peace together without you telling me I am evil, going to hell, or anything else.


  1. I think it’s safe to say that people who are religious and are members of the big three religions: Christianity, Jews, Muslims, etc. believe that any other religion is “of Satan.” And they tell people this, despite it not being true, to further their own beliefs and to jam those beliefs down other’s throats.

  2. Yes, you’re totally right. Some Christians are just very afraid for everything that has to do with magick. But the thing is, they don’t know anything about it. Basically; humans are afraid of that which they do not understand.

  3. Your absolutely right! Also the church used pagan symbols as its own for people to understand better because most of the people were illiterate

  4. If you are not for Jesus you are against him.
    Christianity did not come from Paganism or the Occult. Which are of Satan because they are contrary to the truth. Satan’s roll here is to stear us from the truth, steal kill and destroy our hearts and faith in Jesus.
    Christianity came from Christ. To be a Christian is to follow Christ. I don’t know what you googled but you can’t believe everything you read.

  5. My, don’t they sound peaceful.
    ‘If you’re not of Jesus you’re against him!’
    You bet I am, you delusional fool.
    I’m considering a revenge ritual.


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