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How is meditation beneficial for you personally?

How do you meditate?…Can meditation really stop intrusive thoughts?…can you explain how you feel about your meditation. I simply wish to begin the process of meditating.
I’m having trouble- I have never needed to relax before so I do not know how.
Thank you everyone for your thoughtful answers….:)!!
hmmm Once again eaismeg…I just don’t understand you….You really scare me….at least the Atlantic is between Us!


  1. …..Tabor, the technique is simple but requires practice. You do this alone in a quiet shaded room. All you do is stop thinking for 15-20 minutes. Naturally, this is hard to do. So the trick is to focus on a single perception, such as a flame, your breath, or a “mantra,” a single sound “ohm” or word with benign meaning, such as “myself.” When thoughts rush in, you simply refocus, letting the thoughts go. The more practiced you get, the fewer times you’ll need to do this.
    The benefit is rest and mental refreshment…the equivalent of sleep. When you stop thoughts, the waste byproducts from the metabolism of thought are allowed to be taken away from your brain through the glial matter and bloodstream. This greatly reduces mental fatigue and allows clearer thought and more energy.

  2. Meditation can help cure many ills. Health benefits physically, mentally and spiritually are abundant. Be true to your meditation and it will show you the way. As you meditate more each day at least five minutes will show you signs of understanding and progress toward the light of truth. Good luck.

  3. “first find a secluded area thats very quiet. get some nature sounds on CD or try going outside. RELAX, lay on your back or sit in a comfortable position. Quiet your mind, picture your body slowly disappearing from foot to head in a white light. give yourself a chant and repeat it in 3’s at your own pace. Remember to breath slowly, taking full breaths everytime. try not to let your mind wander off but focus on something that gives you peace or puts you at ease. RELAX.” yes, meditation works if you allow it to. i enjoy meditationg


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