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How is magick different from magic?


  1. i beleive ‘magic’ is done for entertainment. but’magick’ is done for self desires. like getting love, to call souls frm other side etc. magic is fake, magicians are trained for it. but magick is real.

  2. Magic spelt thus, is sleight of hand, parlour tricks..
    Magick spelt like this is the real thing, but I know that all the religious people will say it comes from Satan, and others simply wouldn’t believe in it if it was right in front of them…
    Sad mob, all of them in my opinion…
    There is nothing supernatural about magick..
    Magick is simply a manipulation of energy, to bring about a desired result..
    Christians pray, their prayer is answered, not from God, but from the natural forces that are all around us, that is magick..
    But they will go on believing that their God answered their prayer, that is entirely up to them..
    If you know anything about Witchcraft, which is the Craft of the Wise, then you would know that the Universe will not grant spells of power, wealth and many other things that people often try to use the Craft for..
    Remember also, what ever you send out into the Universe will come back to you threefold, it’s called the Law of Three or The Law of the Threefold Return…
    And it harm none, do what you will…
    In Light… )O(

  3. There are those who add the “K” to distinguish real magic from stage illusions. It can be either a useful distinction or a pretentious affectation, depending on the person and context in question.

  4. Magick is different in that it looks like it might be some ancient spelling of the word Magic. It is used by pretentious, and generally ignorant, neo-pagans who imagine that they are involved in some ancient craft whereas in reality their entire belief system was invented in the last hundred years or so.


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