Home Discussion Forum How is Kabbalah a practical method for attaining spirituality?

How is Kabbalah a practical method for attaining spirituality?


  1. Kabbalah is nothing by itself.
    It is part of Judaism, and without the belief in Judaism, it is nothing more that gobbledygook.

  2. Kabbalah is the study of the spiritual realm, the soul, of the Torah. By studying this you can gain an understanding of some aspects of G-d, or his plans.
    The study of Kabbalah requires years of studying Torah. The only people who can study are men over the age of 40.
    Studying it without knowledge of the Torah can be horrific. One of the first men to study had his head explode because it was too much for him. It can cause insanity because you see things your soul is not ready for.

  3. No matter what the Kabbalists say, we define what Kabbalah is depending on our desire. Some use the wisdom for the sake of knowledge, respect, money, etc. However, if someone has an True point in the heart, and a true yearning to sense reality outside of themselves, then Kabbalah becomes the means to acheive just that.
    Someone who really wants to attain Spirituality isn’t satisfied with knowledge; they want tangible sensations, which is their fuel that leads them towards the root of their existence. Therefore, we transform Kabbalah depending on the depth of our desires. If we use Kabbalah as a method rather than a wisdom to acheive knowledge, we will exert ourselves in a way that develops a sensitivity to a force outside of our five senses. Check these links out:


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