Home Discussion Forum how is it that we have one consciousness over all our cells?

how is it that we have one consciousness over all our cells?

ok so we have one consciousness over all our brain cells and other cells. the probally have thier own consciousness. but they have a consciousness over all the atoms that create them. so where made up of all these particle’s. billions and billions and billions of particles. yet we have one consciousness, we can distinguish ourselves from the rest of the people around us even though they are made up of the same raw material as we are. so if you follow that guide line we would make up the consciousness of or planet and then all the planets to make up the solor system and all the solor systems the galaxy and all the galaxys the universe and then it just stops or does it keep going even past what we would call god. cause god is what makes the universe but that god would even be subject to this. what is consciousness?
consciousness isnt about control its about know you excist. controll has nothing to do with it. knowing that your a charicter in someone elses dream is self awareness isnt it.
if i spelt things wrong im sorry im a bad speller


  1. You are partially correct and I applaud you for that.
    The distinction between you and me (our cellular structure) is that God (yep! He is) has made us each have a distinct SOUL, and that is the consciousness that you sense. Of course, each of us has different personalities and different senses of reality. God did that too.
    Animals and insects and other living things have no soul, nor does inanimate stuff, so they have not got that part that you referred to – the same raw material. Only PEOPLE have God’s image and ‘stamp’.
    Think on! Well done.

  2. I think your rambling and need to lay off the caffiene.
    Consciousness is an elaborate by-product of the functions of our brain. It really doesn’t exist, we just think does.

  3. Because God is within you, and every cell and atom of your body comes from the perfect source that create it, and it is connected with it, which is: God.

  4. Consciousness is a little bug inside your brain that keeps on reproaching you when you make a mistake or you make somebody suffer…it is a fair judge who considers your acts and tries to remind you that you were unfair or wrong…unless you killed it…in that case you can feel at ease, but you are a cruel person…

  5. This is the central question behind the Buddhist faith. They seek to answer this by pointing out that we don’t have a sense of self and that nothing is permanent. If you are interested in this sort of philosophy, I suggest you read about Buddhism.
    Neuroscientists seek to answer this too. There was an article in TIME recently about this that was written very simply for people like me who don’t understand much about this topic from a scientifc point of view. It was about the brain and how all the parts work together to form an illusion of one person and one consciousness.
    I don’t know very much about the science, but I know a bit about the Buddhism, and it seems that this article was coming to the same conclusions that Buddhism came to a couple of thousand of years ago.
    Anyway, those may be two good places to start to answer your question.

  6. What is Consciousness? God is Consciousness. “God dwells within you as you”. You have union with God in unconditional love within your heart. As the colors of the rainbow are contained within sunlight, so to are ALL THINGS contained within the light of Gods unconditional love. Read romans 1-19/21. All things are but God expressing his vision of himself.

  7. Consciousness is not something you can touch. Only things that we can actually touch are made up of cells, atoms etc. Your consciousness is your spirit or your soul. It was given to you when God breathed life into you. We are all given different gifts from God in addition to our consciousness. These gifts such as being athletic, or poetic, or talented, and many other things, and how we use those gifts are what makes us into our individual selves. If you are referring to a universal consciousness or collective consciousness, I still would describe that as our spirit or soul. When we die, our conscious or spirit/soul becomes part of the light that is God. That is why people who have been temporarily dead and are revived, all describe a bright light and wanting to go to the light. The Bible says Jesus is the light of the world. When we are in the physical plane, we are separated from God and when we die, we return to the light.
    Hope this helps make sense of things for you.

  8. Consciousness is the ethereal product from the collaborations of coporeal entities, which are primarily brain cells.
    One neuron alone can’t creat consciousness for the entire system. But you are right, each neuron might have their own consciousness formed by its own systems.
    The collaboration of a group of individuals forms a system, and the system acts as one. Systems themselves in turn acts as individuals to form bigger singular systems.
    People come together to form the planet system, but that doesn’t mean the planet will have consiciousness, it only means that the planet functions as one.
    And planets form solar systems, and galaxies, etc.
    A system is not necessarily alive or have consciousness, a system is something that has a function(s), when they “die”, they lose their functions.
    Ex: a cell is a system, and a system member of the human, when it dies, it loses its function, which is to serve humans. Humans are individuals forming the world system, when one human dies, it stops its functions, which include many things, but it will not affect the large world system.
    Consciousness is unique to living organisms, it’s something different from this topic. But the question is, how do you define “living”.

  9. The short answer:
    Consciousness is being aware that you have a mental life beyond range-of-the-moment thoughts. Without the “machinery” capable of thoughts, there is no reason to assume that cells and nonliving objects and collections of objects are capable of thinking.
    The long answer:
    Human reason is able to grasp what the universe, and its “pieces,” is and are, while also understanding the subjective state of the body which it inhabits. It uses certain tools to guide its body to action, such as sense perception, concept formation, and logic.
    “Consciousness” is this mental system taken as a whole. It’s unique feature is that it is self-reflective; that is, it can not only do these things, but understand that it is doing these things.
    For example, a nerve cell can have voltage-controlled gates forced open in response to a neurotransmitter, thus alowing certain ions into the cell body, causing a depolarization, but there’s no reason to think that the nerve cell “realizes” that this is happening anymore than it’s reasonable to assume a hammer knows that its intended purpose is to drive nails into other objects. On the other hand, we’re aware of using our own logic, perceptions, and concepts, even to the point of going back and modifying these mental tools on the basis of new information, or on information gained from mental examination.


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