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How is it that simply the presence of some people creates a positive aura ?

have u ever felt this.. few ppl almost create a positive aura and radiate positive vibes.. u automatically feel inspired, refreshed and enlightened with them…
how can u explain this ?
thnx 🙂 do keep smiling ppl.. it radiates positivity all around u.. :))


  1. Yeah…Its very true…
    I also sometimes *feel* that thing….Certain people’s mere presence makes us feel good….these kinda people are(what i believe) true devotees of any one of the things from God,Music,Science,Literature..
    These kind of people fill the energy..their positive vibes make us feel better….
    I really dont know much about aura…but,till my knowledge…Aura is the surrounding of every human being which describes the characteristics of human beings…so…the human beings who really wanna spread love,enthusiasm and energy would be having such super-strong auras….

  2. well u cant really explain it and u kinda answered it in the last line. u just have confidence, smile around ppl and just b nice i guess

  3. Not many people have this characteristics in them. Whoever possess this is always happy and wants to make other people happy too by having them laugh, taking interest in their talks. They are confident people with energy of changing the environment around.

  4. Some people seem to live in a much more positive headspace than most of the rest of us. These people seem to be much more aware of things that exist in the world…and maybe some things that aren’t part of what we think of as our worldly existance…and being around them has a way of having others who are in their presence pick up on their positive energy. I’m told that when Gandhi was in jail, his guards felt the love that seemed to be radiating from his cell, and they fell in love with him. How do we explain something like that? From what I can tell, there are some things in life…love is one of them…that defy logic.

  5. “Autobiography of a Yogi,” Yogananda,
    “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet,
    “Man, Master of His Destiny,” O. M. Aivanhov,
    “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton
    “Answers,” Mother Meera,
    “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock,
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi, and
    Psychoenergetic Science,” Dr. William A. Tiller, http://www.tiller.org give good clues and insight.

  6. Most of how people interact comes from reacting to the cues others send us. Facial expressions, body language and attitude all affect how you feel about a person on a subconscious level. It helps if they are attractive, too. Not to be cynical/non-mystical, but I think its true more often than the unique ability to project chakras or whatever.

  7. I think a smile can be such a warm welcome and anyone that smiles alot will get more attention than people that sneer or seem sad or grumpy…I think eyes say alot too… I guess it is more their mannerisms and possitive attitude that radiates ….
    I usually go by smiles more than anything…The bigger the better…! 🙂

  8. G Those people have learned to care without being contained by their emotions. That life state is not innate. It can be learned.

  9. Because those people are truly happy, joyful, and full of life.
    “Our Deepest Fear
    –Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
    –Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
    –It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
    –We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
    –Actually, who are you not to be?
    –You are a child of God.
    –Your playing small does not serve the world.
    –There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
    — We are all meant to shine, as children do.
    –We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
    –It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
    — And as we let our own light shine,
    –we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
    — As we are liberated from our own fear,
    –our presence automatically liberates others.”
    – Marianne Williamson

  10. This is possible ,I have felt it.I`have done Reiki-Healing advance courses where it is taught how to clean our aura,that is cleaning or energising our chakras,for this you need practice for21 days,love all creatures,do good to mankind,keep your conscious pure,these all make one`s aura clean ,an u have attractive persona.love and spirituality makes aura clean,there are so many methods to clean our aura andby cleaning our aura we become disease free.for more queries call me 9999631811.

  11. yess,thats 100% true that presence of some ppl create positive feelings in u….the main reason for this is that the people who have good characters, have positivity in their attitudes….this positive feeling is enriched into their behaviour and general attitude, which shows that the person is contented and have a self respect and happy nature….automatically, if a person has a happy nature, he/she will bring our happiness on the face of others….this is life….and positive people make others positive….thats the best and most inspiring thing….
    🙂 Good Day

  12. I love that poem by Marianne Williamson Emily, thanks for sharing.
    I think its what everyone else has touched upon. Being positive and thinking positive thoughts takes a work and energy for a person to do, and that energy is subconsciously noticed by others around that person. They feed of it like we feed of the suns rays during the day time.
    Think about it, you work hard to be positive, you inspire others around you to do the same 🙂

  13. yes
    there are certain people ….very successful and confident ….they are also respectful towards me….and knowledgeable and driven by their goals …i am always wondering what idea they are working on….
    they are always happy and smiling …manages things with interest and success and also celebrate ..success and their sense of humor is great !
    thier dressing sense is very cool and they seem to do everything perfectly.

  14. Yes, I do feel that too. It is a fact that some people do create a positive aura around us. I think it might be because of their good nature. Their good nature may mean their good deeds/behaviour or inspiring/encouraging ways. They can create a good aura and generate positive vibes, only if they themselves are positive/optimistic people.

  15. I feel its Gods in us which gets reflected from some people with higher wavelengths as they tend to share Home for the same Gods as we have inside us.

  16. Good morning teacher…..
    Nyuk Nyuk teacher…. 😀
    yes you ne sahi kaha…. i felt this many times
    Have you ever?

  17. ..I believe Only people who have positive thinking has the positive aura..All it depends on their Karmas.
    Aura of any Positive person or Sant can be/easily affected by negative persons..
    You know one( With Positive) aura should always avoid negative place or Negative people…I personnaly experienced it.
    And one more thing there is Aura of every thing, Just by recent survey Japanese scientists has checked the Positive Aura of Serene Water and then they used some abused words for water and it converted into negative..(But our Indian Saints have already proved it).
    Dear friend here I am sending You this video.. I feel you would come out from your doubts..
    And Please tell me Is really this helped you or not..
    have a good time.

  18. Yup!
    My mom, she is just like that. Her presence make a positive aura and radiate positive vibes. I feel inspired from her, her words and her will power & determination. I feel en-lighted with her and if am stressed after school or tensed for my result, i get refreshed. Hers attitude is very positive and she also tells me to be positive.
    She says, “Negative thinking reduces your chances of achieving success.”
    I think its her positive energy which makes me energetic and i too become positive with her.
    I felt a same feeling with some other people also!!

  19. *ℓเℓ ๓เѕѕ ¢hαттєявσχ*

    yup…exactly…i have experienced it many times, myself as well.
    like a simple smiling face can trigger many smiles…….sometimes, it is so refreshing to see someone soo happy and joyful that you yourself start experiencing it.


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