how is it that prof steven hawking has an american accent and he is english??does he live in the us now?

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the guy speaks thru a computer


Stephen Hawking can’t talk..he uses a computer generated voice


Stephen Hawking has ALS and speaks through a computer.
If you need factual information about him here’s his website:
Edit: Proof that my brain is frying with age…I thought your question said proof not professor.


He has a form of motor neurone disease which has left him wheelchair bound for much of his life (since his 20’s I believe).
The ‘voice’ is from a voice synthesiser which he controls with subtle movements of possibly his eyes or other muscles he does have control of.
The voice synthesiser is an old one from the 80’s. Apparently he likes it and doesn’t want to change it for a more ‘natural’ and English sounding one.

Mr Crusty

“The DECtalk DTC01 voice synthesizer he uses, which has an American accent, is no longer being produced. Asked why he has still kept it after so many years, Hawking mentioned that he has not heard a voice he likes better and that he identifies with it. Hawking is said to be looking for a replacement since, aside from being obsolete, the synthesizer is both large and fragile by later standards”


sounds like microsoft sam on a windows pc.
Is it actually steven creating the voice?
For all we know it could be pre-recorded by any old sod that helps look after him.
hmmmm —– just a thought


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