How is it possible for a tachyon to move faster than light?

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i think tachyons are only hypothetical and have never actually been observed. the definition of a tachyon is particle that moves faster than light. any particle with positive mass can never move at the speed of light because mass increases with velocity and would become infinite at the speed of light. photons, which make up light, have no mass so they move at the speed of light. a tachyonmust have less than zero mass; it must have imaginary mass – a mass expressed in terms of the square root of -1. i’m pretty sure that these particles have never really been observed, but you might want to look a little further.


It is a theoretical particle with no mass, therefore it would not be bound by the limits of particles with mass. Because it has no mass tachyons could probably only carry information, if anything.


like electricity…which will if left to its own devices encapsulate itself and become an electron with negative weight and charge to balance a proton somewhere maybe…right.


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