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How is it not possible that those who wrote the bible and who asked god for divine revelations from god?

actually received the answers from god, and not just their own subconscious minds giving them insight to what they may have believed to be truth? To me it would seem that in order for us to say we know the bible was inspired by god would be to know for fact that what these writers of the bible actually did receive revelations from god. Faith has nothing to do with if it was or not true. Faith is only beliefs piled upon other beliefs so pleasse refrain from telling me it is fact because you have faith. Thanks


  1. Here’s what I think of the Bible.
    Torah (Pentateuch, Septuagint): Lawbook and finally written oral tradition.
    Prophets: A bunch of guys getting pissed at society and having the cojones to write it down.
    Other non-New Testament books: Recordkeeping.
    New Testament: Good marketing.

  2. They did actually recieve the answers from God face to face. It might not be explained in the Bible, but it is actually explained in “Bhagavad-gita as it is” a good book for any spiritual person of any religion to read. God explains himself in detail. Allot of people won’t read it because it isn’t in their religious lineage, but if there is truly only one God, then you should be able to Identify his truth in any book. If you read a book about God and you can’t Identify the Supreme God, then it’s not about him.

  3. We only have their word for it don’t we.If I told you a story I heard from another person you would only have my word that I surely heard the story,right?You would base what I said on how much faith you had in me to tell you the truth.Correct?Same with this.We have the faith needed to believe they were telling the truth.


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