Home Discussion Forum How is invoking the holy spirit substantially different from invoking Pagan deities?

How is invoking the holy spirit substantially different from invoking Pagan deities?

I keep hearing born-again Christians talking about their profound experience feeling the holy spirit enter them. As a Pagan, I have invoked deities, and the feeling that they describe sounds pretty much the same as what I felt, except that for me it’s deeply personal, and they just keep talking about it with anyone who will listen. Is there some way in which the invocations are different? Is the belief that they are different based on something other than the arrogant belief that one deity is superior to another deity?
I asked this question before, but all the answers either congratulated me for asking the question, or dismissed it based on their belief that their God is the only real God. No one actually answered the question, so I’m asking again in the hope that someone will actually be able to explain the difference.
In answer to Quella Bella, invoking a deity as a full invocation into one’s self is a powerful and profound experience. It begins by preparing one’s self (often including fasting, cleansing, meditation, and grounding) and preparing a sacred place (with cleansing, and casting a circle and calling forth the elemental watchtowers). The actual experience allows the practitioner to experience a higher level of consciousness in which profound truths are revealed, many of life’s greatest mysteries are understood and there are often revelations about the future as well. It is wonderfully peaceful, and leaves the invoker with a greater sense of connection to the universe and all that is within it. At least that has been my experience with invoking deities.


  1. there is no difference, they are all bogus, it’s the mentality of the invoker, and the “belief” of the desired reaction of the “invokee”

  2. As a Spirit filled Christian I can try to help explain the In-Filling of the Holy Spirit. I don’t want to go into how mine is VS. yours, that just starts arguments.
    Assuming that you were a Christian: you pray to receive the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God) and believe He is with you from that point on.
    He’s our helper, our comforter.
    He aids in:
    Convictions of sin
    Gives gifts
    Glorifies Christ
    Edifies the Church
    We really don’t have a ritual/ceremony to invite Him, we simply pray.
    Did I answer your question? Or did I confuse you?

  3. maybe if you weren’t so one side, arrogant and ignorant in how you ask, you might get more of an educated response.
    but you tone says, I don’t care what you say, I just want to put you down.

  4. the difference is the Holy Spirit is real, what you are experiencing is probably drug induced or an evil spirit because there is no such thing as a pagan diety

  5. There is a profound difference. There is no fear in an experience with the Holy Spirit. You are filled with a sense of awe and the reality of God’s power and existence and love for you. With other deities people are often fearful or terrified as these deities seek to control you through fear.

  6. It’s substantially the same thing…
    Polythesim = “trinity”
    Magic = “miracles”
    Astology = “star over Bethlehem & wise men”
    Alchemy = “turn water into wine”
    Lunatic = “speaking in tongues”
    …and so on…
    They simply use nice words to distract and hope no one will notice.

  7. Well, since I’m a Pagan also, I’m afraid I can’t explain the difference since I don’t think there is one. But have you ever noticed that if you cast a spell and then talk about it to everyone, it loses its effectiveness? I also see no difference between a prayer and a spell, except that I hear alot of christians complain about their prayers not being answered. Do you suppose this is why?
    To will, to dare, to know, to remain silent. This means YOU! LOL

  8. This sort of emotional experience many Christians say they have is not from the Holy Spirit. Speaking gibberish and running around a room is not a sign of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost. By your description it makes it clear that there are other forces working that are able to give a person a euphoric feeling and a false impression of spirituality. A relationship with God is not about just a euphoric feeling. Obviously both you and those christians you described are misguided about the Holy Spirit’s power.

  9. The substancial difference is that you are invoking demonic and satanic spirits and you do not even know it. Christians are invokng the Holy Spirit., a posiive being, a helper, a healer, a protector and so muh more. The feeling may be similar but the difference in the kind of spirit is what is substancial.

  10. MM this is in part for the christian and the fundies in this answer.pagan dieties were here loooong before the christian era, witch by the way is only about 2,000 yrs old or so .the pagans [pagiani in italian – means the dweller outside of the city] or in england it meant dweller in the heath -heathen ,so dont even go there that god is the only one,every religion has its own dieties ,pre dating the “modern religions” there are many ,all but one in the same .oh and by the way im a former Lutheran ,and now an ordained Unitarian minister. we believe in all ..now put that in your censor and smoke it .as for the main body of this question .i felt this coming in of the spirit when i was the Lutheran church Deakon.now i also feel this same inset of spirit in the UU church or at a circle gathering of my pagan alliance.there you have it ,BB to all


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