How is empathy different than telepathy?

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Look them up in the dictionary. They are very different.


Empathy is imagining yourself in the other person’s situation and trying to understand how they feel and telepathy is being able to transmit or recieve their actual thoughts.


Telepathy is communicating with the mind, sort of like mind reaading but not really, while empathy is understanding someone, similar to sympathy, but not patronizing.

james n

i guess to make it simple you could say telepathy is connect between minds
and empathy is a connections on an emotional level


Never having experienced telepathy (to my knowledge), my best guess….
Telepathy is like listening to the words of another person.
Empathy is like sitting and holding the hand of an ailing loved one.


Telepathy is mind reading in the supernatural sense: being able to “see” into someone’s head. The two words that people confuse often are empathy and sympathy.


Empathy is simply the ability to relate compassionately to others. Despite the use of the term “empath” in Star Trek to describe the character Deanna Troi, this is not a supernatural skill. This is a normal ability of any ordinary person who has the person to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” so to speak.
Telepathy refers to the ability to read minds, a frequently important plot device in science fiction and fantasy.


In telepathy where there are many receivers capable of gathering the sent information there can be no grantee your intended receiver will be the one to receive thus the information is up for grabs, or can be replaced with different information. Empathy is a painful process which allows one to leave their life identity outside their body while they embrace the other persons life and attach a solution or a problem when they return to their own life and body.A kind of bonding or letting go at will, Dreams are made from such as this.

Rev. Morgan

Having empathy is the ability to actually feel someone’s emotions as if they were your own..telepathy is the ability to hear another’s thoughts in your mind.


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