How is Ego Stratified in the Hierarchy of Spiritual Development?

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from lowest to highest:
sense objects
The ego is pretty high up there (right below the highest, the Self), so it is no wonder why people have a hard time with it.


There are those who believe that the ego is a bar to spiritual development. But I don’t think this makes sense. We need an ego to function in the world, so we are not at the mercy of fragmented and primitive parts of ourselves. Once there is an ego, the ‘I’ (sense of self) can be established and this connects us to something MORE than ourselves – thus opening us to spiritual development. If you’re interested in these ideas, you might find it interesting to read books on psychosynthesis, such as “Psychosynthesis” by Firman and Gila.


It is a psychological structure which arises as the result of the group mind or collective consciousness of the cells of the body.
It is the most surface portion of the whole self.
It is the portion of the Self whose job it is to deal directly with physical reality.
It is the peaking of individuality and uniqueness.
It is the first perspective.
—–oops! I almost forgot. It is the first and the last to be enlightened. Chew on that for awhile! lol!

Shaka La`har

I love the answers so far, I just had one thing to add.
It’s useful to get it out of the way at times, but never throw it away.
Yet another dance.


is the first step but a man has to go beyond this point


It seems to know that one is seeing ones self every where. ~*~

yahoo yoda

Perceptual shells…
There appear to be many copies of cosmicdrifter? Interesting…


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