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How is Consciousness Ubiquitous in the Universe?


The fact that non-local correlations and non-local quantum information can now be seen as ubiquitous in nature leads to the conclusions that the quantum hologram can properly be labeled as “nature’s mind” and that the intuitive function we label in humans as the “sixth sense” should properly be called the “first sense”. The perception of non-local information certainly preceded and helped to shape, through learning feedback, the sensory systems that evolved in planetary environments, and which we currently label as the five normal senses.

We must conclude that evolved, complex organisms which can form an intent can produce and often do produce non-local causal effects associated with that intent. Further, that attention alone produces coherence in nature that in some measure reduces randomness.

Finally, I conclude that the cited experiments and current understanding of non-locality in nature is sufficient to postulate that non-locality is the antecedent attribute of energy and matter which permits perception and is the root of the consciousness which manifests in the evolved organisms existing in three dimensional reality.



  • Rather how can it not be? I guess it is a little like how some energy in the universe can appear at certain points as light. Consciousness, like the energy in stars is at some places in greater concentration then in other places. How does that picture look? There is a conscious universe and we are at this level of it, observe.

  • Zakly, and so we can see that since the Source of human consciousness is non-local, there is no such thing as randomness demonstrated in local expression. There is always a cause, even if that cause is the appearance of apparent randomness.

    It should also be noted that, while there is an apparent organism forming causal effects, this organism is merely playing it’s role in the functioning of this non-local Source and is not causing anything, but is rather merely expressing as the effect.

    Consciousness is ubiquitous, not in that Consciousness is everywhere in the universe, but that the universe is ‘within’ Consciousness, as the Source.

  • WOW! what a great paper! I have had a little too much afternoon vino to focus on that properly, but I will read later -thank you

    I love that premise, that of “nature’s mind” and our intuition being our true first sense -that makes so much sense to me…

    we exist as reactive creatures, and so of course that framework has shaped us from the beginning – that we are able to produce coherence through attention is exactly what the Vedas reference –

    as a being, you define and shape your perception of reality equal to and as a direct result of the clear focus of energy, or chi, that you are able to hold on your outcome of preference.
    Events flux and flow, but the mind that is trained to hold focus will ride the wave, holding the outcome in sight. Non-attachment to the events that define the outcome produce a greater pattern of results, as outcomes will come to pass that meet the criteria, but come together in totally unexpected formats. Coherence that reduces randomness, malleable chaos.

    consciousness is indeed ubiquitous, as any being with intent, as stated, can produce effects – anywhere we place our focus, we can create a shift, a change, an effect. Anywhere that exists, using the field of Sattva, all that could be, to pull into Rajas that which we choose to create. It is pervasive, it is within everything.

    People choose to disbelieve this based on a lack of disciplined mind, a lack of adequate focus, and the attitude of giving up when it doesn’t happen overnight. One must maintain fixity, and the causal effect called forth will become self evident.

  • I totally agree but you must remember I am a dumb house painter in Indiana in the middle of the bible belt that got tired of fighting the waves and sank. I would call that Buddha mind though. ~*~

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