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How is Chinese astrology work with you?

I just want to ask if you read Chinese Astrology often? And do you think it’s correct in your case?


  1. i read it every now and then and I find some of it true but not “mind blowing”. Very simple, to the point and has some truth to it. I’m a tiger and I find myself in those traits recalled.

  2. Hey there Firepiggy, I’m a Water Pig and yes, I find it is pretty accurate, but I take it deeper than just Eastern or Western signs. When dealing with myself or others I always pull up natal charts and read what their combinations as Western meets Eastern are like. There’s this great author named Suzanne White that writes about it. She’s amazing. Because I have come to realize that Western and Eastern apart are not as accurate as having them combined. My combined profile was more accurate that my signs as individuals.

  3. I do not look at them everyday, but I do believe it works. The following pages might be helpful.
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