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How is attention not the same concept as consciousness?


  1. If by attention you mean ‘awareness’ then they are both full consciousness, i.e. I am aware (conscious) of being in a body having a physical experience and no longer identifying with the feelings, thoughts or perceptions of my conditioned ego = full consciousness/authentic being.

  2. to be attentive is to grasp concepts and be focused, to be fully alert/aware of your surroundings
    to be conscious just means to be living and to connect to reality in a non-focused way, like when you first wake up from being asleep.

  3. You can have consciousness with out being attentive to the outward radiance (or reality) or your consciousness is attuned to the experiences of life in such a way as to yield the most efficient growth.
    There are two ways to consider your question.
    1: The experience of being attached to the material ie being happy because you have a new car is not really being happy. When the cars useful life ends then you are no longer happy. The enlightened find joy in being. There is no dependence on “owning” the material or control of others. Not that our experience is devoid of such things but these things are not the source of joy.
    2: Attention may be considered to be the state of experiencing reality as constantly learning to grow. There are those who ignore the obvious and continue down the path that leads them where they really do not want to go.
    Does a plant have consciousness? I have seen flowers or plants face the sun and follow the sun as it moves through the sky during the day. Some flowers close at the end of the day. Is a flower attentive to the sun? Is that consciousness? Or is the attention of the plant to the sun a byproduct of its consciousness? Or is it a photochemical reaction? Are we less then a photochemical reaction or more?
    Ponder, consider, understand only then, reason the validity.
    Consider NBM’s answer in this context.
    Blessings and peace to all,
    All in all,


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