How is astrology related greek mythology?

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Mofo Chabugie

uncle reemus says its cuz ””de hip bone connected to de legbone””’


Astrology was around well before the Greek myths (and misses).
Myths is the name we use for ancient beliefs based on stories about imaginary characters. They are not true in the scientific sense although some people (who are regarded as heathens by today’s religious monotheistic standards), believe in them.
The belief in a single God seems to most of us to be far more likely than the belief of many gods and this applies especially to the Greeks myths where these gods apparently disported themselves in scandalous fashion.
By the laws of physics, the motion of the sun, moon and all of the planets in the solar system are in paths that must continue to move in a prescribed way. Thus any effects that they may produce due to astrology must also be predetermined. I myself do not accept this philosophy of pre-destination, the subject is more complex. After all, this strange belief of mine in self-determination was inevitable!
Answer : Astrology is as old as civilization, and as its history shows, it incorporates many cultures and beliefs.
Man has always looked to the stars for answers. We in the west have named the planets in our solar system after the gods of ancient Rome, whose counterparts are found in Greek mythology.
People at that time believed the earth was flat, and in the center was Mount Olympus from where the gods reigned. Their stories and exploits held fascination for the people then, as our current interest in the lives of our gods of society is so fascinating today.
1-Saturn is the equivalent to the Greek Cronus, whose name is seen in crone, old woman, and chronological, and as such there is an association with time and old age.
2-After the Sun and the Moon (of which there are many myths and beliefs), Mercury, the planet of communication is named after the Roman Mercury, messenger of the Gods (Hermes in Greek mythology).
3-Uranus is named after the sky god and he ruled over the starry night sky. In the beginning, there was Chaos and then there was earth, represented by Gaea.
4-Neptune is named after the god of the sea, the Greek equivalent being Poseidon.
5-Mars was the rebellious son of Jupiter and Juno, the equivalent of Ares, the father of Romulus and Remus and held in high regard by the Romans.
6-Pluto is named after the god of the underworld, Hades in Greek mythology. (Although some believe it was named after Walt Disney’s famous dog!)
7-Massive Jupiter was named after the king of the gods; his equivalent is Zeus in Greek mythology, but the Romans did not place so much emphasis on his amorous exploits.


That one story Orion. He was Diana’s lover her brother killed him and his soul made the stars.
That is one thing.


All the Zodiac comes from Greek–You mean the fortune telling from what star you were born under right?


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