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How is Aquarius's Intuitiveness different from Pisces Clairvoyance?

How would a Uranian sudden flash of insight, be distinguished from a Neptunian…understanding?
Enlighten me on any or all of the following keywords, as they relate to Aquarius/Uranus/11th house or Pisces/Neptune/12th house.
Thank you.


  1. Aquarians are sensible and careful, they instinctively know how to deal with social situations, for they are quite social. They know how to keep everyone happy, not to offend people, but for their own advantage. Pisces is more intuitive and understanding, less limited, not so focused on their own advantages.

  2. i think that aquarius is aware of and know of what they are predicting as they are great observers of human nature. I believe pisces predict things intuitively without even knowing so… its internal. they will bust you on the spot and not even know they are doing it -TRICKY

  3. I’m an Aquarian, my Sister is a Pisces. We both communicate very well and can tell how people are very quickly. Difference is approach:
    Aquarius = We don’t know how we know, we just know. If we ask questions, it’s just out of sheer curiosity and it’s pretty random stuff. Much more accidental and without an agenda.
    Positive: We don’t have to get to know you, in order to know you.
    Negative: Our judgment is brilliant, but our approach can be awkward.
    Pisces = They ask questions to know things, but they know the right questions to ask to get the truth. They have such a gentle approach that people open up to them naturally. They do have an agenda, but normally they are pretty sweet that the agenda is just to get to know you.
    Positive: Easily make friends and make you feel like they really care about you.
    Negative: Tend to attract very needy and emotionally unstable people.

  4. Heya,
    I think it has to do with the element. Pisces is a water sign. Water signs are feelers. They feel first, speak later. Feel first act later. Their intuition comes from emotion. They have been soaking up the emotions of everyone around them since they were born. they knew the mood of their parents by the weight of the parent’s footsteps before they came in the room when they were kids, and as adults the mood of their boss by the weight of pressure the boss puts on the keyboard before he/she says a word. Pisces are also chronic worriers, specifically about the well being of humanity, and constantly worrying if everyone is comfortable at the dinner party or what crazy outburst might happen at the next family gathering keeps their anticipation levels super high, fine tuning that sensitivity to moods, feelings and emotions of others all the time. Like all the other signs on the top half of the zodiac, their concern is with society as a whole, even if they dont realize it. They desperately want to see the best in everyone, and will look farther and deeper past way more bad stuff to find the best in everyone than any other zodiac will bother to look, and in looking for the best in everyone all the time, they fine-tune their ability to understand why someone is the way they are – Pisces fine-tunes the concept of empathy to greater degree than any other sign. It can be their undoing, they take it to such a level. Because they can empathize so well and for so long, and have a tendency to idealize those good qualities in someone, they get taken advantage of monetarily and emotionally. The “hope well” never runs dry with these people, because they actually can imagine the exact way someone feels and often let this empathy excuse being taken advantage of.
    Where Pisces is the missionary to the world – understanding through shared human experience and empathy, the Aquarius more of a thinker – understanding through logic and deep thought. The Aquarius is an Air sign, and like all air signs, they think before they feel. The Pisces can see clearly that someone should be able to get their life together, or that society should be able to mend its differences, the Aquarius can see clearly if someone WILL get their life together, or if society WILL mend its differences. The Aquarius can see clearly all the cogs that need to fit together and at what pace to make it happen, the Pisces can see clearly what cogs are worn out, downtrodden, and needing a helping hand.
    Imagine it like this. The world has a lot of problems, and the world’s problems are a big intricate puzzle with an intricate picture making up the puzzle. The Aquarius knows exactly what piece is missing from the puzzle by imagining what shape the the missing piece must be to fit into its slot. The pisces know what piece is missing by imagining what colors are missing, that is, what vibe or flavor is missing.
    The Aquarian is a GREAT humanitarian, and so is the Pisces! They just work very very differently. The Pisces sees the best in the world as is, and strives to bring it out, the Aquarian sees how much better the world could be, and strives to create it. Pisces is quality control, a constant patching kind of force, meandering through life identifying how to make the world better by bettering the people in it, and Aquarius is a more proactive force, strategizing the opposite, how to make people better by bettering the world they live in.


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