How is a Succubi born?

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How is a Succubi born? And can a Succubi transform a mortal into a Succubi? Who can answer these questions for me?!?

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Succubi can turn mortal women into succubi by infusing their energy into them during sex. They can also turn mortal men into incubi the same way, but from what I’ve read, the couple will continue having sex for eternity. I think..

Josh S

A succubus is born from the mating of a incubus or another succubus and a human. The succubus can`t transform their victims into a demon and usually is mentally tortured from the succubus.


I don’t know


I heard from some where that they are born from the women who fallen angels mated with. If that makes any sense. A fallen angel mates with a human woman and then the human woman gives birth to a Succubus. The succubus is really a female demon.


I watched my girlfreind turn into a succubus it was scary then I ran for my life because she chased me half way acrros the block then she found me and I was so scared I nearly craped my shorts and that was 2 weeks ago then she asked 2 to 4 questions and this is what she said do you hate me my answer was no then I got asked do you still think I’m pretty my answer was yes then she asked me do you still love me and my answer was yes then she asked do you want to date me still my answer was yes


Her wings where about 5 fett out each they where black featherd she hugged and she was also saying sorry for scaring me and I apologized for running half way accros the block she also coverd me with her wings because she seen that it was getting dark plus it was realy cold to befor we flew backe to her place she can also camoflouge her wings and fold them in she told me that before I hoped out of her bedroom window that she was going to warn me she can talk to me when I go to sleep tells me that she comes in to my dreams


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