How important is meditation in your spiritual journey?

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Michael beckwith talks briefly 2 minutes here about meditation.
What part, if any, does meditation play in your spiritual enlightenment, awakening, and journey?

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A person should often pause to think, or even take a break to think deeply about things. The word meditation has wishy-washy connotations, but I think meditation is important.

r u randy

Try actively thinking. It’s a much, much better way to become enlightened.
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Once I had found that quiet still place in myself, I seldom did formal meditations. It is easy to return, but more importantly, it is easier to have that unimposing state of mind in everyday situations.
Spiritual journey, I’m not sure there really is one, but you must find your own way. Be careful of what people tell you, as you already have all that you need.


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