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How important is it to pray for protection before conducting a tarot reading?

I’ve seen this mentioned in several documents, answers, as advice, but have never seen people in real life actually do this. Sometimes praying, sometimes people recommend “visualizing a golden light” before a reading.
What is the purpose behind doing this?
What are the readers are protecting themselves from?


  1. By not praying for protection spirits can attach onto you. Some say getting a reading opens the door to the spirit world so by visualizing a white/golden light protects you from evil spirits and the light represents God’s love.

  2. i think that is more for mediums than tarot readers. if you have read allan Kardec’s books you should know about this. He says to pray before doing a reading. But he is all about the spirits and mediums. His books are used by people spiritism practitioners. It is like the Bible of Spiritism.
    edit: you have recommended it yourself that meditation, and calm are good. so prayer might just be a way to achieve that. though, some call it ” protection”.
    to the TD’s: i dont care how much TD as long as you TD or TU me, your still voting for me. and guess what? i think i got the most votes for this question!

  3. I think that it is important to visulise a bright white light surrounding you for protection before tarot readings as it protects you from negative energy and spirits if you believe in that sort of thing which I have a strong belief in as well as angels. This is the purpose of it.
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  4. some people may do it w/o you being aware. it’s kind of a private matter IMO, at least to me. i usually say a small prayer quietly to myself. i usually say something along the lines of, “i ask the universe for knowledge and guidance in the matter at hand, i ask only to be shown what it is that i need to know, thank you for your guidance, protection and assistance.”
    here’s what my book (easy tarot handbook by josephine ellershaw) says about why it is important:
    saying the brief request for guidance creates a connection to your subconscious. it shows respect for your work and the information you are about to receive, and it helps to keep the energy of your working space free from negative vibrations.
    i agree with the book, for me it is a respect and guidance principle.

  5. I believe praying for protection is dangerous because it puts out the vibe that there is an enemy that you need to protect yourself from.
    It is more beneficial to pray for the truth, to connect with the truth and to be the truth of who you are – a creator god in connection with the Divine Creator God whom knows no opposition.
    It’s been my personal experience when I have done a reading praying first for protection that my reading has been small and not always accurate.
    When I take a moment and connect with the truth of the Lord God of my being then there is nothing I need protection from because I am everything and why would I oppose myself. Then my readings are awesome and I never get tired. I can and have read for 13 hours solid with nothing but a smoothie and pee break and not once did I lack energy.

  6. I don’t pray for protection as much as I ask for guidance for the highest and best purpose and give thanks in advance for this. I think it is a sign of respect and helps to centre you and connect you with universal intelligence.
    You might require protection if you are reading for others so as not to let them drain your personal energy and protect yourself from any negativity that the querent may bring to the reading.
    You should protect yourself any time you are feeling vulnerable to the negativity of others, not just during Tarot readings. It is an invisible suit of armour.


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