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How i can Gain Self Control over My Mind ?

i have no self control over myself,when i do study i started watching tv,many times i started doing mastabration,i also suffur from constapation
i think i had became mental and physically weak
how i can obtain self control over my mind and body?


  1. it’s simple,
    my this copyright words solve 50% of the worlds problem,
    these are,
    ****************go to a place like near waterfall,
    where there is no overall silence,
    but voice created is only of joy & happiness***********,
    think there about your future(every thing),
    then come home,
    start your study,
    now you can control your mind upto 80%,
    bcoz full control on our mind is not possible,

  2. practise mindfullness – being totally focussed in the present in each moment. Write lists of what you have to do and post them on your notice board tick each item when you finish it. Mindfullness is very fulfilling

    get it yet?

  4. Time. It takes time to have a chance at ascending the ladder of the trusted. Self control is easy if you can focus on your employment, your stresser’s like “what’s going to happen next” line.
    Adjust you resume to reflect your skills in the perspective employee concussions. Make sure any letters that contain non-priority information,

  5. Divide your attention and be conscious of yourself. And when you do have a desire, be aware of that desire, feel it and redirect it. Use something as a third force to take you away from it. It is important to see it at the moment it is coming out, by that you can begin to change it.
    You have to move your mind forward, you can’t control your mind. That doesn’t even make sense. It is not your mind that needs control. It is your personality and your body, that you need to transform. Your will is divided, thus you can never do what you want — your personality is weak and is fractured, much like everyone else. If you do not want to do what you have, then you are going to have to develop those parts of yourself and make them strong. Because you consider the urge in the body, when it is invoked by stimulus, the association is reestablished but your too weak to not do it, because your personality considers it. You need to struggle, By struggling against it, you will build a substance to not do what you do not want to. And it will become easier and easier to not do it. If you try to control these things, you will only end up doing it more. You have to develop yourself.

  6. im kind of in the same place. pay attention to what you’re doing… make sure you are aware of each and every time you are doing something you are not supposed to. you may feel as though you don’t yet have the will power to control your self, but one thing you do have control over is your ability to recognize the situation at hand. even if u can’t fight it, at least make it a point to make a mental note that “Okay, I am actually supposed to be studying right now.” every single time you find yourself spacing out.
    also, as backwards as this will sound, its probly not a good idea to make any real effort to actually prevent yourself from slacking off. If you keep telling yourself “I can’t watch tv, I can’t watch tv” (as with sex) your mind becomes focused on what it is that you want to stop doing, thinking about. the more you try to hold yourself from doing those things, the more compelling the temptation and the more dead-set the mind becomes (on what you don’t want to do).
    so…be constantly aware of yourself, and the situations and circumstances that you find yourself in when you notice there needs to be a change. constancy is key. because the more constant your awareness, the easier it is to just drop the habit. but. don’t “try” to drop it, just let it fall away on its own or you’ll just relapse and get yourself in even deeper. Good luck buddy.

  7. Honestly, Ive been in your situation, and the only way to become better at controlling your mind/willpower is with practise!
    To get better at anything, you need to practise it, and as you progress through doing it over and over, you simply learn to do it almost subconciously!
    Gaining willpower can be analogised to learning how to do maths. You can study it without practising it, but in the end of the day, you will not remember how to do it. Through personal practise and experience; your willpower will increase!
    Try using ur willpower to stop the basic things such as masturbation and watching tv for a week or so; and as time goes on, you will get better!
    But you have to persist and be strong for the first month or so. Nobody ever said it was easy!
    Hope this helps =]

  8. I see that the matters of controllability have gone a little askew in your case; at least there is some demonstration of possession and control in parts however cut off from the rest. Indulgence often curbs our impulse for drive that we need for hard work. If you allow yourself to be distracted however recreational that distraction might be, you will never find the actual stuff of your study, or world, sufficiently interesting or self-energising and peaceful occupation for your mind.
    I think you are preparing for an examination and therefore realising the need for extensive work. If this is the case and you have just started than you are likely to face fierce resistance of your mind as well as your body, your brain has not been readjusted and retuned for this change of schedule and performance. You need to give yourself time and there is no way to get accustomed to whatever you are doing than doing just that. If you persist than I can assure you on the basis of my personal experience that you will get warmed up towards you study, the mental resistance will subside giving way to new requirements.
    This you must keep in the mind two things: firstly, only a healthy body keeps a healthy mind; and secondly and it is never easy to study for an exam for instance, there is great deal of mental strength, patience, resilience and will power that you need to achieve whatever it is that you like to achieve. I used to prowl around in study like a cat, all taught and ready to pounce on any of the books upon the slightest of an urge. I think I managed to gain extra energy need from my instinctive reserves. If you persist you will soon find it easy, and certainly enjoyable, to be fully absorbed and concentric in your studies,
    Good luck!

  9. G Iwill go on the assumption that your question is not a hoax while accepting that it well may be a snark.
    Here goes the benevolent assumption.
    Use the Life Improvement Tool. it will help you improve whatever you want to.
    Life Improvement Tool
    By Generalist
    Instead of guiding ones life by the flurry of concepts, hopes, fears, and aphorisms we learn, it is more effective to use a concise, accurate and short set of reality descriptions. A mental tool to make the entire jumble understandable and make decisions more accurate and easier is what we need. It was derived over thousands of years by brilliant people in India and China and finally used as the title of the Lotus Sutra in Kumarajiva’s translation of the Lotus Sutra. A 13th century Japanese monk named Nichiren recognized it for what it is and realized that anyone could guide their life better by using this tool.
    The main elements are the three increasingly familiar words Myoho, Renge and Kyo as the key for understanding reality and a verb which is the means of using the Life Optimizer Tool.
    Please write down all the words of intangibles that attach to life such as love, imagination, dreams, life, hope, fear, hate etc. Then write down all the words that relate to the tangible aspects of life; think of brain, body, table, car clouds, air, soil, and on without limit. Yet, there is no mind without a brain. There is no car without thought. There is no wood for a table without the life of a tree. There is no action without potential. The list of tangibles and intangibles is endless in English. However, the inseparability of tangible and intangible aspects is summed up in the Japanese words Myoho.
    Write down all the words for causes you can think of and effects those causes can have. They are all summed up in the Japanese words Renge-Causes simultaneously produce effects like the flower and the seed of the lotus.
    Everything is always changing. Write down all the words that come to mind about things changing-Clouds, faces, butterflies, concepts, memory and on and on. They are all summed up in the Japanese word Kyo. Because everything is always changing, no one is stuck where shehe is.
    The list of words and concepts that pertain to tangible and intangible, to causes and effects and to change can be endless and inefficient to use.
    The three words Myoho Renge Kyo include every aspect of life and exclude nothing. This is pragmatically observable by anyone.
    The people, who win most consistently, are the ones who use this formulation with focused intention as a life optimizer tool to clearly see the relationships that exist between good concepts and harmful ones. The way to do that is to add the shortened Sanskrit word for focused intention and create Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. This is spoken repeatedly with the palms pressed together to close the energy circle. It releases delusions and limitations like vitamin C cures scurvy.
    Since we each have our unique paths and desires, there is no prescription for what people should focus on when they use the tool. Some want to bake a perfect soufflé. Others want to create a peaceful planet or just get along with their partner. Others might want to develop the capabilities of their consciousness to levels beyond the ordinary. It is all available. The human mind has vast possibilities to explore once we resolve the confusion.
    For more detailed information see <http://www.SGI.org>.
    SGI does not use the term life optimizer tool. That term is my interpretation of the essence of their philosophy.


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