Home Discussion Forum How I can activate my Third eye chakra?

How I can activate my Third eye chakra?

There is a meditation or a visualization that can help me for that? Thank you


  1. It’s the chakra of love. So, develop true love in your everyday life and it will become activated. Artificial trainings are either frustrating or dangerous.

  2. You have to be completely calm, first. You have to be able to concentrate. Get someone to be with you when you do it. Close your eyes, and either imagine a completely pitch black place, or a completely white place. Then imagine an object. Picture it not where your eyes are but where your third eye would be in the middle of your four-head. Now the person with you will come in. Tell them to hold up a certain amount of fingers, but keep your eyes closed. Then you still have your object you imagined, right? This is going to sound weird, but look through the object, and see how many fingers your friend was holding up. If you did it right you should have Got it right. 🙂 Oh and remember to do this in a nice and calm place. ^-^ This is just the basic stuff. Now I”m not an expert or anything. I’ll tell you that much. But I know a few things about it.

  3. I opened the question to see the answers so that I could know myself. I hope you find the answer, despite the typical nasty comments provided here. Im so glad you asked.
    The narrow Road That many sages speak about including Jesus Christ , is a razors edge. Good luck on your path keep on it.

  4. Either sit in a straight bakced chair, or lie flat on your back. Focus your concentration on your Third eye, the Ajna Chaka. concentrate on filling the area of that chakra with indigo colored energy. Feel the energy moving and visualize the energy as a pinwheel of Indigo flame. Maintian this for as long as you can keep focused. Start with a miniumu of 5 minutes and when you can maintain your concentration for that time with no distractions then increase the time by 30 second intervals, pausing every week or 2 at each inteval until you can maintain the exercise for a full 15 minutes.

  5. Sit in a comfortable chair.
    Close your eyes and relax.
    Take some slow deep breaths.
    Now concentrate on the area between your two eyebrows.
    Now move up slightly to the middle of your forehead.
    Don’t think, don’t TRY to visualize just concentrate on that area.
    50% of those that try to see their Third Eye Chakra, are successful. But you have too completely relax your whole body.
    If nothing else, you will relax your whole self, and have a good peaceful, feeling after you finish.


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