Home Discussion Forum How have the prophecies of Nostradamus been proved?

How have the prophecies of Nostradamus been proved?

I remember reading the prophecies of Nostradamus years ago but can’t quite remember enough of them to discuss in detail.what were the original quatrains and how do they correspond to modern and past events?


  1. like critics of the buy-bull,
    there are people who argue that
    N’s prophecies are accurate, and
    there are those that disagree.
    whereas the bible is a total disaster.
    go figure! a god that hates women. nice!!!

  2. Sort of. From what I understand his prophecies were vague. Something like, “the earth will shake under a rose” and then hundreds of years later a political party with a rose as its icon is demonstrating and there’s an earthquake.
    Well, within hundreds of years, I’m sure you can find SOMETHING to fit a vague description like that.

  3. Most of them were too general. Any one could have
    said some of these things and they would come true.
    Read the real prophets. Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc.
    And oh yes, Revelation is awesome. I Corinthians 138a,
    Love never fails.

  4. As far as I’m concerned if a person sits down and writes a large group of predictions, and then writes them in an obscure manner, it may appear as if some have been accurate.
    Or in others words, considering the manner in which they are written I think it’s a matter of Monday morning quarterbacking to call them as accurate now 500 years later.

  5. Ha ha. You can make your own prophecies you know…
    lets do next week:
    Men will fall in a foreign land, a great leader is an idiot, and um water will run through a town in the east of a great empire.

  6. I watched a History channel production that I thought was well done, about him.
    The conclusion I came to was he found a means to make money by makeing himself quite famous. His generalizations in code were so vague, anyone with a rich imagination could have done as well or better.
    How about a real study?

  7. Nostradamus lived in about 1505. He had the rare talent to see the future. But this was an era where soothsayers were looked down upon and were even murdered. That is why he wrote down his predictions in an indirect way.
    Sometime ago about 1989 I saw a Video produced by an Australian company on these predictions. According to it the big earthquake in San Francisco was predicted by him. Of course I saw this years before the 9/11 incident. But this video says that the next prediction is that the new city in America will be attacked by a mad man from the Middle East with fire balls sent from the sky – and it said that the new city should be New York. According to what was happening at that time I thought that this man should be Saddam Hussain.
    It was also predicted that the person who desecrated his grave will die by a bullet. During a civil war a soldier who had heard of this story, after having had too much liquor had decided to dig his grave, as predicted he had been hit by a stray bullet. According to this video there was much more than the soldier being hit by the bullet – there was a plaque round the neck of the skeleton of Nostradmus setting out the date of that day that his corpse was dug.
    The most scary part is the next prediction. According to it the Middle East will be flattened and as a result the Pope will flee Rome. Seeing what is happening now I hope this will not become true.


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