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How has yoga benefited your life?

I am thinking about trying out yoga for the 1st time. I would like to know how yoga has helped your life? I do not know where I can start. I live in Lubbock Texas, so it is a bit of challenge for me to find yoga outlets.


  1. Helped me with my martial arts career. Helps with sex. Helps my back which I’ve had trouble with in the past. Helps me relax.

  2. It’s helped me! Yoga does relieve stress, but the best part is that it helps you tone up, strengthen muscles without BULKING up, it also lengthens the muscles.
    to find, call up all your gyms, my gym offers yoga, if these gyms don’t offer yoga classes, they would be the first to know where yoga classes are offered.
    Yoga will help with weight loss a little bit, of course you have to be on a good nutritional diet.
    I’ve lost about 20 pounds since July 2007, have done about 3 yoga classes so far. I definitely know it will help with your sex life also because you will be more limber and less stressed.

  3. That’s so great that you’re thinking about starting yoga! One of the best things I’ve taken from yoga is learning to just be in the moment. I know it sounds pretty hokey, but it’s true! Being in the moment isn’t just about being able to concentrate in a yoga class, it’s made me more patient and less anxious. When a nerve-wracking situation pops up, I manage to stay pretty calm (which I couldn’t say about myself before!).
    On the physical side, my body feels so much stronger and healthier than it did before. I’m toned but not bulky. Plus, I’m eating healthier because my cravings for junky food have subsided as I’ve felt better about my body.
    Everyone takes something different away from yoga, but somewhere in the mind/body benefits, it’s always a positive!
    My source below might be able to help you find a yoga class near you.


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