How has Krsna Consciousness influenced the peace movements in the 60's-70's?

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How was it also incorporated into the Hippies lifestyle and what is it like today?

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Don’t think it did much to influence any peace movement.


Transcendental meditation waa big back then. My ex husband took a course when we were in our early 20’s. Did it influence the time? I don’t think so, not a lot anyway. The biggest influence on the peace movement was Viet Nam. Every night on TV we would all see images of the death and destruction going on there. We all were very aware that we could have won that war if Congress would have let our military do it. All those men and women need not have died in a war that lasted over 10 years.
I just want to add that anyone who got out of Viet Nam is totally fine with me.


Good question. You may want to ask it again in the history section. As an old goat who lived through all of that I think it is fair to say that Eastern religions in general had an influence on the hippie movement and consequently the peace movement. I think it is easy to overstate this influence though since it seems to me the reason eastern religions appealed to hippies was a shared worldview since psychedelic drugs and voices such as Timothy Leary’s had influenced hippie thinking. Books by people like Alan Watts became popular reading among hippies. I think it’s probably fair to say that the countercultural image of Eastern religions also harmonized with the hippies’ self image. As I recall, though, it does not seem that devotees of Krsna were involved in extreme political activism. They seemed to occupy a marginal place in the counterculture. I think it is also fair to point out that there were significant differences between the lifestyles of hippies and the devotees of Krsna. Free love and drug use were not practiced by advocates of Krsna Consciousness. These are just some thoughts from an old goat though. I am not a historian.


I was there, in the Haight-Ashbury during the late 60’s and early 70’s. While it is true that the Krishna Consciousness folks played an active part in the community, they were generally so high on religion that they cared little for the peace movement. On the street, they were pretty much impossible to talk to because of their incessant chanting. Every year they held a parade/festival that was a lot of fun and they gave away tons of free great-tasting food. At the time, they seemed to be obsessed with their own religious trip and couldn’t care less about something as worldly as innocent North Vietnamese civilians being systematically slaughtered by American bombs. The last time I saw one of the shaved-head saffron-robed Krishnas, he was begging for spare-change at SFO.


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