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How has had some sort of a psychic reading? Tarot, psychic medium? Was it trust or way off?

One interesting thing is becareful with bad readings because you could change your life based on it. For example in my reading came out I wouldn’t be happy somewhere but deep inside I know. So tell me did you have a psychic reading, was it way off or true or in between. Serious responses are appreciated. Thanks


  1. i had a tarot reading. it was so vague, just like nostradomus’s predictions. “there will be a great war…sometime….”. mine was like, “You have a kind heart.” it was a friend of mine, she knew me well enough to know that lol

  2. Want to see a woman that seemed to have psychic foreknowledge? Go to youtube search and type in
    “BBC Reports Live that WTC7 has fallen, yet it still stands “

  3. “Psychic” readings just don’t work.
    While there are very real psychics out there, trying to tell someone their future does not work because there are hundreds upon thousands of paths we can take at any given moment.
    A very gifted person can only see one path. The one you are on at the time of that reading. When you leave – all bets are off. If you cross the street a different way than the reader saw, then what they saw immediately become moot.
    See what I’m saying?
    Put it this way. You visit a tarot reader – which you shouldn’t do… – the reader tells you you’re going to meet the man of your dreams TODAY!
    You leave. It’s a bright shiny day. So you take your sunglasses off to clean them. The sun is blinding you so you turn down a street other than the one the reader saw you on.
    no man for you. your man was waiting down at the Peet’s Coffee on the street you were originally on.

  4. I’ve had only one tarot reading and it was dead on. Perhaps it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I can’t see how it could have been. At the time that I made the choices that led me down that path, I wasn’t thinking about the reading. In fact, I had put it out of my mind soon after I had it. Only months after the fact I recalled the result of my reading and saw that it was exactly what happened.

  5. I had a psychic reading and she was really great. On the way there I witnessed an accident and said, “God I hope they are okay!”. She told me about it and how my prayer was answered and they were unhurt. I just lost it.
    It’s too bad there are some phonies in this area, that ruin the credibility of the gifted.

  6. I am a Tarot reader, have been for many years.
    Always trust your own intuition as it is YOUR life. If something doesnt feel right about a reading always trust your gut.
    Psychics can not tell us how our lives are going to turn out…we can shape our lives into just about anything we want to! And predicting an individuals exact choices and actions is just about impossible!
    Usually, Tarot amoung other forms of divination gives us an idea of what choices lay ahead and how our actions towards these choices will result.
    It is a guide.
    It can show us what is happening or has happened up until NOW, but beyond that is within ourselves.
    Trust yourself. Even get a “Reading” from another person and see what they have to say. Never walk a path that doesn’t seem right to you!

  7. I agree with Mother Anne. There are some great readers out there, but we really choose what paths to take and things can change instantly.

  8. Mother Anne definately seems to be right on. I cast runes, personally, and one of the keys to that is remembering that your interpretation of the runes is the one that matters. That is one reason why some readers are intentionally vague. They want you to make the decisions, not to tell you what to do. While some genuinely tell the future, others are more like counselors for the spiritually inclined.

  9. i have had good and bad readings. i think you know when its a bad reading you can tell if you feel if the person gets you or not.


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