i would say that 15 percent of the time that i am a complete jerk. examples behind a old hag in traffic, waiting online for someone to write a check for groceries after the groceries are bagged and not prepared, trying to pick up a hooker and she said that she cant break a hundred dollar bill. what say you?
hookers are people too, ok. i just needed to break a hundred to catch a bus to 110 th street, nyc


  • well first you puncht he hooker for not being able to break your 100
    what a skank
    and second being an ass is totally acceptable at times i mean jesus im not a saint and ill call myself and bitch and fucking know it. so sir continue smacking the hoes for not breaking your bills.

  • I find it rather easy, so long as the other person is deserving of my politeness. I am inclined to be polite, but when I encounter someone who obviously wasn’t raised very well (i.e., they lack cultivation, class, and dignity), then I treat them accordingly(i.e., similar to how I treated my late german shepard when I would catch her rummaging through the garbage-no hitting PETA- just harsh words).
    For example, a few days ago, a woman said “excuse me” in a harsh tone to me in the greeting card section of Target. I did not hear her the first time because I was reading a prospective card. I replied that I was sorry, along with the explanation I did not hear her. She responded in a rude tone that she asked twice. I informed her in the appropriate tone that it was an honest mistake, and that she had better calm down. She complied. Actually, I wasn’t being rude at all. I gave her more consideration than she deserved.
    Well-meaning stupid people deserve the patience one can afford them. Stupid people who are rude deserve nothing more than the smallest amount of consideration one is willing to give them.
    As for a hooker who cannot break large bill, I can’t comment on that, as I have yet to experience the predicament. I would say you should give her a break- it’s in her best interest to rake in as much as possible per night, and if she can’t break a big bill it’s an honest mistake. Give her the whole thing and tell her to get a good breakfast in the morning.

  • Well, Youre Human Like Me…Alot dont admit to bein “human” at all in this world…Theyd like to think themselves as “perfect”, “Their way is the best way”…lol….Its great to know that somonelse actually does admit to bein an “a**” sometimes..I can be a “b****” also, It doesnt make it right…though..I try and learn from my experiences…just to learn patience..is an “everday hard situation” for me…, especially when Im in pain and anguish”..Its a “Test of caring,concerned love for others”, For”Real Love holds no boundries”Alot are more inclined to be “self-centered”..more than “15%” of the time..I think thats awesome that you are trying to “improve that 15%” I am also…Its an “everyday-workat-situation for me also”..TC/God Bless you..😉

  • I find it easy to be polite to people; it helps to keep them at arms length. I’m afraid I do not know the proper etiquette in dealing with a hooker…good luck with that.

  • I’m thirteen years old, and I make it my business to go out of my way to be polite to people, whether they are adults, my age or people younger than me. I think it is just so nice, and it gives people a sense of pride in their community because they think “Wow, I wish we had more people like this around”.
    In answer to your question, I find it very easy to be polite to people, especially elderly citizens.

  • It is not hard to and it can make you feel good if you are, but most people are rude and that is what makes me not want to be nice some of the time

  • I’m actually very courteous to people. I think maybe even sort of a pushover. I’m learning that there is such a thing as being too nice.

  • I have to work with seniors all day, and some of them are worse than kids!! Talk about demanding, a lot of times I am the only one on the diningroom serving tea – we have had to break up fights (verbal and physical), someone whinnning another one angry at the whole world. It would try the patience of a saint!! I have to count to 10 a number of times before I can go over and talk to some of them. I hope that I am polite 90% of the time – but being human sometimes its only 75%!!

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